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Excursion in Ukraine "On the road to Baturin"

Kiev Brovary Kalinovka village village Semipolki Kozelets Lemesh village "Heroes Krut" Baturin Kiev

Kozelets – founded in the 15 century, but reached a peak of development at time of Getmanschin. The history of these places is connected with the legendary family Rozumovskih. In the neighboring village Lemesh, born brothers Rozum, who later became: Alex - secret husband of Empress Elizabeth, and Cyril - President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and then - hetman of Ukraine. You can visit the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, there is manufactured in Italy 27-meter five-tiered iconostasis. The scale and beauty of the architecture of the cathedral do not know equal among the places of worship in the XVIII.

Nezhinskii District - Memorial Complex of "Heroes Krut"
January 27, 1918 from Kiev to meet the Bolshevik troops, which advanced to the Ukraine, went to a voluntary student Kurin. Kurin consisted of young students at the University behalf of St. Vladimir (to date - a Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko), students of the newly formed Ukrainian People’s University, as well as students from the Kyiv gymnasium. All participants in the Kurin, had almost no military training.
Against the young guys there were the troops Muravyova his number was about 6000 soldiers, which supported the artillery fire from the armored trains. The defenders of the village Crute, was only one gun.

Baturin was founded in 1575 as the capital of the autonomous Left-Bank Ukraine and like a Hetman’s residence. During this tour you will learn about the Baturin, as the capital of the Cossack Hetman I.Mazepa when, on his attempt to establish an independent state - Ukraine.
Baturin - is the capital of three Ukrainian hetmans. Since 1994, there is a national historical and cultural preserve "Hetman's capital".

Author Julia Salyuk

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