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Tours in Transcarpathia. Village Koson - Unique recreational complex in Ukraine

              There is a small village Koson in Beregovo region of Transcarpathia. And until recently the word cool wouldn't be mentioned in village context anyway. There was an old forgotten sanatorium and abandoned thermal water pools nearby. But in 2012 a five-year promotion project of health improvement and recreation complex called "Kosyno" was started up there. And in a short time Koson thermal water pools became the best in all Transcarpathia. "Koson is a cool place", such comments are frequent among the tourists after the visit to Koson. And that's not surprising.

Tours in Transcarpathia. Village Koson - Unique recreational complex in Ukraine            The complex is located near the state border with Hungary and constructed in Austro-Hungarian architectural style. The entrance tower of 40 meters high leads to the reception hall, where there is an Austrian stove and many other vintage interior elements located.

            The complex has two thermal pools with water of 40 oC from 1200 meters depth water well. The chemical composition of thermal water is suitable for the treatment of many diseases like diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, peripheral nervous system, etc. Many tourists feel the healing effect after swimming in thermal waters and come here again.

             Besides, there are two pools with sweet water working in summer time. One of them is decorated in an exotic Mexican style and has an aqua bar, so you can enjoy a cocktail at the bar, without leaving the pool. Another pool is children area with playground nearby. A beautiful vistas open from here on a mountain with the state border line on the top. A visit to Hungary could be a bonus for those who are fond of travelling.Tours in Transcarpathia. Village Koson - Unique recreational complex in Ukraine

              And for those who like comfortable rest there are lots of bonuses in "Kosyno": Finnish sauna and a free Wi-Fi throughout the complex, under-floor heating, nice showers and "Royal Hall" where you can relax on the "royal throne", a massage room, a cosy tea room, fountains and hydro-massage in pools, as well as tasty Hungarian cuisine on the territory.

               All this luxury is located in the 200-year old oak tree grove where powerful handsome oaks confirm the healthy effect of this area by their huge appearance.

                Everything is really done with feeling in Kosyno. And you have nothing to worry about.

                You get an electronic bracelet in reception and it's your admission to the pools and your money in the aqua-bar as well. Clothes and personal things you can leave in the lockers with electronic keys. Also there are changing rooms and other things need for comfortable rest on the territory of complex.Tours in Transcarpathia|Unique recreational complex in Ukraine

                And of course we have to note the unforgettable feelings and emotions during bathing in thermal pools in a winter time. It's a special pleasure to sit in thermal water under a frosty night sky full of stars… The only thing you regret is that you can't swim as long as you wish. There is need to make brakes after every 15-20 minutes.

                And yes, you should definitely try a local cuisine masterpiece - famous Hungarian Bograch, because it's really worth trying.

              Later, when somebody ask you: "So what's with those water pools in Koson?", you could repeat the headline of article.

Cause Koson is really cool place!

Author Alexander Pylypchuk

Tours in Transcarpathia|Unique recreational complex in Ukraine

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Tours in Transcarpathia|Unique recreational complex in Ukraine

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