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In the center of Poltava there is the famous Round Square, which, together with the picturesque case garden that surrounds it, is a favorite place to stay with locals.Hull Garden in Poltava

The extraordinary ensemble of Round Square in Poltava is very similar to the famous Palace Square in St. Petersburg. And today, this area is included in the list of the most famous architectural complexes of Ukraine, which were built in the style of Russian classicism.

Several centuries ago, the site of the present center of Poltava was a wasteland. In to the provincial times the city on the site of the Round Square existed fairground. Later, it was planned to organize a great deal of tar and wine. But the city has been gradually expanded, and from the square, like rays, went eight main roads: the churches, the monastery and other towns.

So since 1802 gradually began to build up the area. Later, in 1909, in the central square of the city to celebrate the centenary victory over the Swedes in the famous Battle of Poltava was installed Obelisk (Monument) Glory. The place for the monument was chosen for a reason. As the legend says that at the present the central square of the Great Russian Emperor Peter I met and thanked the defenders of Poltava. Monument of himself is a high cast-iron columns, the height of which is 17 meters. It is decorated in a gun barrel, which is crowned by a bronze eagle.The eagle on the crown holds in his claws arrows that strike the enemy, and in the key - Laurel wreath, which symbolizes the winner. The bases of the Obelisk of Glory to wall vent 18 of these guns, who took part in the Battle of Poltava historically important.Hull Garden in Poltava

Once in the square appeared Obelisk of Glory, began to actively shape its whole architectural ensemble. The square itself has since acquired the status of cultural and political center of Poltava. Around the square were built eight office buildings of original architecture: the provincial house, the house of the post office, the mansion of the governor-general, and other noble assembly. To date, putting these old buildings were transformed, they take other more modern facility.

Almost immediately after the appearance of the Round Square Monument of Glory, around the square was laid out a beautiful park with lots of trees, shrubs and flowers. Alexander or Hull garden was created according to the plan, which was developed during the time of the Governor-General Prince Alexei Kurakin. For a long time, this park is an area of Petrovsky Poltava Cadet Corps, so park, soon began to call the Hull. The name "Hull Park" survived to the present day.Hull Garden in Poltava

Since 1964 the Hull garden has given the official status of a monument of landscape art.The park has a very unusual, but at the same time a very interesting geometric shape that gives it a special appeal. It is made in a round shape, with eight lanes wide, which if the direct rays diverge from the center of the square and smoothly into the city streets. Beauty Hull garden are about 70 different species of shrubs and trees, lush lawns and topiaries, green fence, colorful flower beds of tulips, roses and peonies. The total area of ??the Hull Garden is 6 hectares.

To date, Round Square and Hull Garden are the most favorite places for walking and recreation not only visitors, but also of Poltava. On weekends in the Hull Park brass band plays. And more recently in the underground part of this area was built a modern shopping complex. Therefore, a pleasant stroll through the garden of hull can be combined with fun shopping.

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