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Useful info about Italy


      Local Time
      Behind Kiev at 1 o’clock.

Since January 1, 2002 in 12 countries of the European Monetary Union (EMS), which includes Italy, introduced the single currency - euro (EURO). 1 March in the country in cash was in circulation at once and the old national currency - lira and euro. After March 1 - just the euro.
1 EURO = 100 EURO cent.
Banks and shops
Banks vidtkryti Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 16.15/16.30. Many hotels and shops accept payment in U.S. dollars and deutsche mark, but the lira exchange rate while slightly overestimated.
Shops. Hours Most stores - from 9.10 am to 19.30-20 hours. Traditional Italian lunch break from 13 to 16 hours. But big stores operate without interruption.
Traditional Italian souvenirs can be called straw hats (from $ 10.) Brooch with various versions of Venetian masks (from $ 5. Apiece), dressed porcelain dolls and clowns (15 dollars).. Lovers of elegant and fragile beauty products recommended by the famous Venetian glass.

Bus. Tickets for the bus, which is the main vehicle in the Italian cities cost is about  $ 1. Most cities offer a one-day pass for about $ 2.5.
The ticket is valid for two trips within 90 minutes. In marked the beginning of the punch is determined by the ticket. Booklet of 11 tickets costs $ 7.
Metro. Metropolitana (so-called Roman Metro) has only two lines that intersect. Price: $ 0.65 per ticket or $ 5.8 per unit with 10 tickets. Daily travel is valid for metro, trams and buses cost $ 2.35, while weekly - $ 10.59.
Taxi. Roman taxi takes land and the first 3 km - $ 4.06 (as short trip by taxi in Rome unfavorable), then - to $ 0.7 per km. From 10 th pm to 7 am is th margin. Kilometer Road - $ 1.76, and on Sunday and public holidays - $ 0.59.

Mode of entry and movement throughout the country
You must get a visa to enter. Registration of citizens who arrived in the country for a short time, not made. Foreigners who came as tourists for a residence permit is issued.
For a visa must apply: call or a tour and a passport, 2 photos 3x4, help with job just completed questionnaire (document format MS Word).

There is no special review, do not need any special declaration at the entrance or at the exit. When buying worth more than $ 100 in stores to draw checks "Tex fries", while leaving the country you back 11-15% of your purchases.

Most hotels are located in the city center, no restaurants, and those who have - to offer a service menu and the principle of "full board".
Hotels located in the historic centers usually have pools, saunas, beauty center. This service is provided by the hotel, located on the periphery of cities.
Each hotel offers the following services: taxi, car rental assistance, currency exchange, information on transportation, etc..
Ordering single number, you must bear in mind that only pays extra for retirement. These numbers are usually small size and may not meet expectations of our tourists on such places.

The use of international communications
To call, you can buy a "card Telefonica in any tobacco shops. Before using the cards to break off one of the cones marked dot. Insert the card into the machine so you need to vidlamanyy side was right. This card can be used in any phone cab on the street, where you can also call abroad. To call in Kyiv, for example, dial 007 (out of Intercity) code of Ukraine (038) and the desired city code (eg code of Kyiv - 044). After the 20.30 telephone tariffs substantially reduced. In Italy, all telephone calls are charged, including local.

Car Rental
Rent a car can only be subject to the availability of credit cards and international driving. Legalizing the contract, ask the manager to explain in detail every item, especially paragraph "Insurance coverage. Modest rental car a day will cost no less than 100 euros. The greater the time at which you rent a car, the lower is the cost per day. Italians are very clearly observe traffic rules, so if you decide to take a car, pay attention to the signs along the road and on the inscriptions on the roads, which also means certain driver actions on the road.

While in Italy, especially excursion tours, recommended forget elegant high-heeled shoes. To be able to walk pass historic sites, shoes should be comfortable and soft.
Despite the fact that all common complex prices, which include all services, taken in Italy to tip in 10% of the sum.
If you took the bar, for example, near the coffee counter and drank it there, you pay COST coffee. If you even for a moment sit down with your coffee at the table, you must pay even RESTAURANT COLLECTION, almost half will increase the cost of coffee.
Do not leave money, valuables in the hotel room. Because the Administration does not bear responsibility for them. You can not leave things to rent a car. Just like you should not carry large amounts of money in the pockets. Women need to carry bags so they could not break with a shoulder hooligans on motorcycles. Passport and flight ticket should be stored at the hotel, in a safe, but just in case you need to make their copy that is stored in the suitcase.
Almost all planned excursions include visits to temples, the entrance to which shorts and mini skirts, with naked breasts, shoulders and back is prohibited.

National cuisine
Breakfast - very light continental (bread or bun, butter, jam, coffee with milk). Lunch and dinner: first, the second with garnish, fruit or sweet, table water and a quarter liter of wine. First Italian cuisine - a kind of spaghetti or other pasta, cooked one of many ways.
Second course:
Nokki - dumplings. Pappardelle - noodle, sliced wide strips. Tortellini - small square ravioli. Penny - thick noodles in a short form rombyka. Talyattelye - long, flat noodle. Fettuccini - thin noodle. Seafood products are very popular in Italy and can be found in the menus of many restaurants and cafes.

National features
Italians are noisy, expressive and inflammation. Even minor stuff can bring Italians themselves, he starts screaming mahatyme hands pohrozhuvatyme deadly massacres, but never hit. Italian emotions primarily designed for external evaluation. Gesticulation - a special language. Each movement has not only its importance but also the hidden content.
Unbuttoned clothing, peculiar attitude to politics and laws, ease of attitude to the other - this is a sample image of the adult Italian. On the other hand, Italians are distinguished by the ability to dress, that is the subject of national pride.
Liquor drink rarely. Committed to the traditions of Italians usually use a local wine, which is a constant feature of every dinner. Long toast is made, and before you drink, you need to replace our "Let’s!" offer, "Chin-Chin."

Beaches Adriatic, Ligurian and Mediterranean Seas, the Dolomites. Active volcanoes: Mount Etna (Sicily Island), Vesuvius. Sea resorts: Rimini, Richchone, Ravenna, Lido di Jesolo, Sorrento, Lerichi.
Ski Resorts - d’Ampetstso Cortina, Bolzano, Madonna di Kampilo.
Balneological resorts: Richchone, Brizhella, La Kalda, Kashana Terme, island Isk’ya (hot springs) and others.
Carnival: January-February. The most famous - Venice Viaredzho, Rome.