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Useful info about Brazil

           The monetary unit of Brazilia real: 1 real = 100 santimes.

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      Local time
Behind Kiev on the last Sunday in October to last Sunday in February at 4 o'clock, on the last Sunday in February to the last Sunday in March - at 5 o'clock, on the last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October - 6 o'clock and the second Sunday in October to Sunday, From the last week of October -- at 5 o'clock.

Import of foreign currency is limited (declared), the national currency is limited. Allowed to export foreign currency imported except costs in the country, the national - for a license of the Central Bank of Brazil. Imported video, film, Audio nebrazylskoho production taxes.
Allowed duty-free uvozytypo one of the following items: radio, player, video camera, a business notebook with computer memory.
Uvezennya and export of prohibited drugs, firearms, ammunition, drugs, radioactive materials. Trying to export from the country of any wildlife without a permit multiple instances, approvals and quarantine, is considered a crime in Brazil. Indian tribes are allowed to make traditional decorations from the feathers of exotic birds Amazon, Jaguar claws, armor battleships, etc., but the Indians could sell them only at special government licenses and the only cultural institutions, such as ethnographic museum.

Rio de Janeiro ( "The January River") - the former capital, the most visited city in Brazil. There is a huge statue of Jesus Christ on Corcovado mountain (part of the national park Tyzhuky that occupies more than 3000 acres) - a symbol of Rio, the Museum of Modern Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Indian History and Art Museum, National Museum, located in the former imperial palace Quinta da Boa Vista, the Museum of the Republic Museum stone buildings of colonial architecture, beaches Copacabana, Ipanema and Lebnon. Interest will visit the botanical garden, which donated more than 7000 plants from around the world, the zoo, the world's largest stadium Maracanã, the extraordinary beauty of the bay Huanabara.
Established in 1502 by the Portuguese, Rio de Janeiro for four centuries is the capital of beauty and tourist destination in South America. Every year in late February - early March in Rio and Salvador are most grandiose show on the planet - a carnival.
Buzios, a small resort town three hours drive from Rio. Along the beautiful ocean coastline located dozens of hotels, secluded coves, sandy beaches, hills mountains, overgrown with wonderful plants, boats, baggs and lots of fun.
Sao Paulo, the biggest industrial center not only in Brazil but throughout Latin America. Outside Sao Paulo like Chicago - the same skyscrapers, steel and glass. Interesting museum of modern art, stadium Pakaembu, where often performed "King Football" Pele, vipers Reserve Butantan.
Brasilia, botanical garden, zoo, the Metropolitan Cathedral. This city, conceived and built for a single plan, as a daydream about the perfect human Technopolis. The city was designed as a plane - center fuselage occupies the area of Three Vlad, "wings" - residential quarters in the "nose" at the distance from the center of Aurora is the palace - residence of the President of the Republic. For daring architectural decisions Brasilia - century city.
Amazon, a mysterious region that is one-third throughout Brazil. Amazon called the "lungs of the planet, because almost 50% of oxygen on our planet is made in the Amazon tropical rain forests. There is growing flora, only 30% of the scientists studied, 25% of world pharmaceutical substances removed from the Amazon forest plants. Living Here 1800 different species of birds, 250 mammal species, 1500 different species of fish. In the Amazon River and its tributaries kept about 20% of all fresh water around the globe. With 20 longest rivers of the world, 10 are in the Amazon.
Iguazu Falls-present miracle of light. Translated from Indian Falls means "big water". Waterfalls are a meeting place year Parana and Iguazu and represent impressive. The noise of water falling from a height of 72 m and creates cascades heard for many kilometers, huge vortices form a rainbow splashes of extraordinary beauty.

Every year in late February the whole of Brazil covered by a continuous roar of drums, reflecting the rhythm of lively samba, immersed in the loudest, bright and joyous holiday, most grandiose show on the planet - a carnival. Its source lies in the ritual dances of the Black African rhythms, which coincide with the beats of the heart. They were brought to Brazil, together with millions of black servants and slaves. Now samba five days penetrates the blood of all participants and guests of the carnival. In five days, Brazil is of African countries. In the epicenter of Brazilian Carnival (Rio and Salvador) planes a day deliver thousands of tourists from the United States, Argentina, Europe ... Salvador usually takes 600-700 thousand foreigners Rio - around a million. Hotels overcrowded, despite the ethereal prices - the place must be ordered in advance.
Carnival begins, usually far from Rio, in the town of Olinda, where the parade is the oldest dance school intact. This 250 men dressed in drag. Their performance nespynno lasts 10 hours. Still the Main Event Carnival - samba school parade in Rio. "Inflates the price of your beans, but let me free to dance samba!" - In the carnival pisentsi. Boots with square toes and silver buckles, white stockings, trousers with a mask, brocade jackets, hats with panache; lady in a skirt with fizhmamy, decollete to beztyamy - the rhythm of samba are the royal courts of Europe. And under Parczew with gold costumes - brown body, dark hair kurchave Africa. Simultaneously collect hundreds of thousands of spectators in Manaus and Resyfi ritual dances of Indians in Olinda - traditional parade of huge wax dummies in Ouru Preto - "medieval" student wine ... Throughout the huge number of beauty contests, balls, masquerade, costume contests. And all this - the Brazilian carnival. Five days in which only the surgeons and their patients, whacky and childbirth remain innocent to the holiday madness.

National character can be described as follows: sentiment, mental temperature, poetry, delicacy. But if you do not find the proper respect and attention to his new friend, refuse to sit with him in the restaurant for tyeyiy only reason that you have an important business meeting, you get rid of his friendship. Law on the unconditional abolition of slavery in Brazil was adopted by only a little more than 100 years ago, in 1888. Until now, the Brazilians are always ready to recall: "There's not a colony! and demand to be treated with respect.