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Dykanka is incredibly beautiful, colorful region in Ukraine, this kind of separate world which will allow your joys and concerns. Dykanka shrouded in so great a number of stories and legends that seems to be here the past intertwines with the present, and real - incredible.Kochubeys oaks in the Dikanka

The number of tourists wishing to see all the sights of the Poltava region, including separately Dykanka together with its beautiful places and resources, is rapidly increasing every year. So sometimes it seems like Dykanka know everything. Dykanka is a unique village on Poltava, which is very picturesque and has a lot of memorable places, which is inseparably connected with the history Dykanka and progress of many important events in the history of Ukraine.  The Dykanka region is known worldwide for its distinctive traditions, local flavor, ancient monuments, and nature. Here created Dykanka regional landscape Park, which consists of seven natural attractions of national importance - Fir forest, Purple guy, Tract peacock forest, Brewers bets, Kochubey’s oaks and other protected places.

One of the most long-term or ancient natural attractions Dykanka are Kochubey’s oaks older than 800 years. Why Kochubey’s do you ask? The name of the oaks has assigned local residents to honor the owners of Dykanka and surrounding area – Kotchubey family. The contribution of this family in the development of the Poltava region is very large; about it we have talked in other articles on attractions Dykanka. And it is, so to say, is another story. But as Kochubey’s oaks, here we have something to tell.Kochubeys oaks in the Dikanka

Around the estate Kochubey, huge beautiful Palace, was once planted with dense oak forest. But today there remain only four oak. Kochubey’s oaks are one of the natural attractions in the form of age-old trees, which since 1964 are protected by the Law of Ukraine. Although on the map of Dykanka from 1861 there was planted a huge Avenue of 68 oaks. The alley was decorated with entry into the territory of the estate of the Kochubey family. According to legend oaks in Dykanka were planted in Poltava Colonel by Ivan Spark and chief judge Vasily Kochubey for a long time before the famous battle of Poltava in honor of the birthday of C. L. Kochubey.

Three Kochubey’s oak grow in the same row next to each other, and one a little to the side, but closer to the Dykanka. The height of these giants reaches 20-22 meters, and the diameter of their trunks varies in the range of 1.5-1.8 m In the Park near Kochubey’s oak benches where you can sit and relax, enjoying the pleasant atmosphere and the fresh forest air.

Kochubeys oaks in the DikankaAccording to one legend, near one of the giant Kochubey’s oaks, the scope of which was already 14 arshines, held secret meetings 16-year-old daughter Kochubey’s Motrya and 65-year-old Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa, who was her godfather. The people of this oak were called oak Mazepa or oak Mary.

Kochubey’s oaks many years ago were sung by the legendary Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in his famous work "Poltava":

Blossoms in the Dykanka an old line of
Oaks, friends planted,
They in the hereafter executed
Hitherto grandchildren say...

If you believe one of the popular belief, when a person is pressed against the mighty Kochubey’s oak, he can afford to adopt longevity, health and power of this giant.

Near Kochubey’s oaks in Dykanka always very crowded, especially during flowering lilac. In a beautiful Lilac grove in Dykanka going to a lot of people from all over Ukraine and beyond, to see the beauty of flowering lilacs in Dykanka. In addition, there is annually held festival "Song of the lilac grove".

Kochubey’s oaks in Dykanka is broad and strong giants that have survived for many centuries and are silent witnesses of the glorious history of Poltava region. However Kochubeevskoe oak is a symbol of great strength and natural beauty Dykanka.

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