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KoblevoAs summer coming soon, we start thinking over where to spend your long-expected vacation? Ukraine offers a number of variants. Lots of resort towns are situated on the coast of the Black sea where you can have great time. One of them is Koblevo.

Koblevo is a resort located near the same-named village, not far from the borders of Odessa and Nikolayev regions. Distance from Koblevo to Odessa is 55km, and from Koblevo to Nikolayev – 80km. On the territory of the Black Sea coast in Nikolayev region Koblevo is the biggest and the best resort capable to accommodate more than 25000 holiday-makers.Koblevo

Let’s have a brief insight into the past of Koblevo. The first name of this settlement was Postovoye. The village belonged to Kherson gubernia which at that time was a part of the Russian Empire. Postovoye village was established in the times of Russian-Turkish war by Prince H.Volkonskiy with a goal to create a transfer point for helping hurt warriors of the Russian army and local people to the town of Ochakov and for horses to rest. In 1788 a church was built in the village. Its opening was held on the celebration day of Saint Trinity. In honor of this holiday the village was renamed into Troitskoye. After the Turkish Campaign was successfully completed, lands of Troitskoye village situated on the left bank of Tigulskiy estuary, as a reward for excellent service to the Russian Empire, Ekaterina II gave to a major-general and a Commander Thomas (Foma) Coble. Village Koblevo was named after him. Later on the same name was given to the local wine brand. And that’s enough of historical facts, I suppose.

First of all, this refers to Koblevo resort. We won’t   write much about it in order not to bore you with needless reading. You shouldn’t talk much about Koblevo, you should come here. And we will try to tell you that your rest in Koblevo is going to be pleasant and unforgettable. There are more than enough reasons for it. This place was purposely created by nature and God for wonderful rest, pleasant health-improvement and marvelous healing of human soul and body. Koblevo beckons and calls and those who’ve heard this call will be generously rewarded with healthy sea suntan, cheerful acquaintance and unforgettable meetings, remarkable energy and huge happiness and pride for the right choice of rest place.

KoblevoInterest in Koblevo as a resort appeared in 1966-1967 when from one side Nikolayev and from the other side Moldavian enterprises appeared at the Black Sea coast of this village. Gradually, civilization started rapid development on this desolate shore. Multistorey buildings, pensions, hotels, and recreation centers replaced old wooden houses, trade, services, and entertainment and recreation spheres widely developed. And nowadays Koblevo coastline being 6 km long is filled with hundreds of hotels, pensions, recreation centers, shops and various places of entertainment. Everyone can afford having rest in Koblevo as it can be low-cost as well as expensive.               

Main Koblevo landmark is the same-named aqua park that is considered to be the biggest aqua park on the territory of south-western part of Ukraine. Territory of Koblevo Aqua Park is 4ha.

Surprising and fairy world of attractions in this aqua park will bring unforgettable emotions, impressions and adrenalin to its every visitor disregarding one’s age.

Koblevo has well-developed infrastructure:

1.      Entertainment. Every holiday-maker can enjoy two huge aqua parks, amusement parks, a dolphinarium, a rodeo-park, night clubs (“Pirates’ Bay”, “Wind Rose”, “!  Light”, “Monroe”, “Aqua”, “Bora-Bora”, “Brazil”), bars, karaoke, huge cinema and concert complex “Millennium” where famous bands and singers often have performances.

2.      Sport. Having pleasant time in Koblevo can be united with such kinds of sport as riding a catamaran, water scooter, banana, batman, waterslides, parachuting and hang gliding. Here you will also find beach volleyball, billiards, ping pong, rentals of motor-cycles, bikes, tramps, pedi-cabs, horse-riding and many others.Koblevo

3.      Shopping. There is a huge number of shops in Koblevo offering souvenirs, footwear, clothes, accessories and other necessary things.

4.      Meals. Naturally, along with developed infrastructure and recreation conditions, meal options won’t concede all the above mentioned. In Koblevo you will find a lot of bars, restaurants with live music and delicious food, pizzerias, fast-foods, sushi-bars, shops, supermarkets, a big food market famous for its local sea food, grapes and fruits, as well as production of Koblevo winery.

5.      First-aid posts, chemists, banks, exchanges and ATMs, internet-clubs, phone booths, railway ticket offices, bus station, etc.

As a rule, summer is rather hot in Koblevo resort. Bathing season lasts here from May till the end of September. Average air temperature is +25 °, and in July and August reaches +30 °in the day and +20 °at night. Temperature of water these months is +22-27 °.Koblevo

Koblevo resort is perfect for rest with children who will find here the clean sea, sandy beaches with flat bottom and lots of exciting amusements.

You can also mix your rest in Koblevo with interesting tours in Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev, Askania-Nova, Olvia and Kishinev.

That’s why we recommend you not to miss a wonderful chance to enjoy this harmonious mixture of gentle sun, warm sea, shade of old Pine forest and fragrance of steppe herbs. You will have abundance of unforgettable impressions from gay and pleasant summer rest. 

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