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Cyril Church is considered one of the greatest monuments of religious architecture and is of great importance not only for the Ukrainian capital but also around the world. In the Middle Ages, the church played an important role in the religious, cultural and political life of Kyiv, leaving vivid impressions not only in history but also in the monumental complex of the church. The appearance of the church-fortress of the feudal period existed due to the formation, during which the Kievan Rus because of internal wars broke out frequently.

The interior of the church was ordered by Prince Vsevolod II of Kiev, during whose reign there was a cathedral. A wise prince-warrior was also a visionary, ambitious politician to he perfectly understood the need to build a fortified church on the outskirts of the ancient Kyiv. The construction of the cathedral in the extremely important in strategic terms northwestern Dorogozhytska foothold due to the difficult political situation in the twelfth century Kievan Rus., Numerous claims of grand princes of Kyiv throne, and dissatisfaction with political methods of Olegoviches.

In the history of Kirillov monastery has one white spot - during the Mongol invasion. Cause of poor study of this period is the absence of evidences, including even those isolated data argue that St. Cyril's Church during this time even though he was acting, and marked by a gradual desolation and destruction. Its revival is associated with the activities of famous champions of orthodoxy, such as the Duke Constantine Ostrog, monastery abbots Cyrillic Krasovskii Basil, Innocent Monastersky and Dimitry of Rostov.

One of the most important cultural phenomena related to the existence of the interior of the church were repair-restoration works conducted in the temple in the nineteenth century. Priceless spiritual and material legacy left a work of the famous art A.V.Prahova talented, engaged in the discovery and copying of ancient frescoes and iconostasis and images for monumental compositions church walls, which created an extremely talented artist M.O.Vrubel.

Modern art restorers P.Redko, O.Lisanevych, A.Kovalenko A.Ostapchuk and for many years engaged in the study of ancient frescoes and oil recovery compositions of the nineteenth century .. Today the church affects a huge number of ancient frescoes, monumental works of Ukrainian artists, masterpieces of outstanding colorist and muralist M. Vrubel. With all these domain Cyril Church is considered one of the most valuable monuments of world culture.

by Ostap Ukrainetz