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One of the most beautiful, attractive and popular corners of the Mykolaiv region is Kinburn foreland. This is truly a wonderful place, where from ancient times to the present day in its original form to preserve the beauty of nature, the wealth of fauna and flora.

Kinburn SpitKinburn Foreland is a surprising and harmonious blend of pine forests, wide steppes, clear sea and fresh clear air, which is filled with awesome aroma of steppe grasses.However, Kinburn Foreland is a very broad sandy beach, sheltered fine white sand, where there is complete silence, peace, tranquility and complete unity with nature. To these places you will not find noisy discos, amusement park, etc., but here you can see a lot of other, no less interesting: for example, flocks of egrets, pelicans, swans and ducks. And if you are very lucky, you will see more and pink flamingos.

Kinburn Foreland is one of the most popular and favorite places for residents Ochakov, Nikolayev and other regions of Ukraine, who prefer a quiet holiday at the beach and love to look at a romantic starry sky. Kinburn Foreland is between salty and fresh bay Yagorlitskim Dnieper-Bug estuary, which, in turn, creates a unique atmosphere of this little piece of paradise on earth. The total area of ??the spit is over 200 acres. At first braid is wide enough, and in its most narrow part of it narrows to a few meters. To date, Kinburn Spit is part of the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, and Yagorlytsky bay with their scythes, islands and inland lakes is wetlands of international importance. Kinburn Spit is a cape, the length of which is about 40 km and the width is less than 10 km.

The first written mention of Kinburn Spit appeared in ancient times.The name of this area comes from the Turkish word "keel", which translated means "hair", and "surf", which means the word "cape". In the XV century on the territory of the Peninsula by the Turks was built a mighty fortress Kilburn, here and gone today the geographical name of the spit and Peninsula

It is truly amazing unique place. Kinburn Spit is unique in its nature, its climate, landscape and history. Foreland is completely covered with lush and varied vegetation. Because of such a huge amount of herbs Kinburn Spit is often called a pharmacy under the open sky. There is growing more than 500 different species of plants, many of which have medicinal properties: St. John's wort, valerian, chamomile, mint, thyme, centaury, sandy immortelle and many others. In spring and autumn Kinburn Spit turns into a paradise for hunters, because there is growing a huge amount of oil and large white mushrooms.Kinburn Spit

One of the main attractions of Kinburn Spit is Volyzhin forest which is the remainder of the ancient country Gilei.According to the writings of the Greek historian Herodotus in the V century BC on the territory of Kinburn Peninsula there was a state Gilea. While Kinburn Spit was completely covered with a dense forest. In separate sections with small groves of oaks, alders, birches, pines and now exist as remnants of relic forests. Scorching sun, heat, water, high humidity - it all contributes to the fact that in the sandy lowlands very quickly grow trees and grass. These overgrown places else grow in such conditions ferns and marsh plants, and hops and grapes tightly entwined trees, forming a mysterious and mystical "saga" (as they are called by the locals).

In these places, a pretty dark and scary, in addition, they are very similar to the jungle, which entwined with vines horror crawling adders, spiders, etc. .. In these secret places Kinburn Spit we do not advise you to go!

In Volyzhinom forest there are many different species of birds. Number of species is 300, among which there are the white-tailed eagle, mute swan, gray cranes. More than 60 species of birds living in Kinburn Spit, recorded in the Red Book of Ukraine.

Kinburn SpitIn Kinburn, there are two points of interest. First is  pink pelicans, who published their outlines resemble pterodactyls, but in flight they look amazingly graceful. The second point of interest isi wild orchids that grow near the village of Pokrovka. This is one of the greatest places in Europe where you can see wild orchids bloom.

Kinburn Spit is also known for its lakes with mud. Bathing in salt lakes of Kinburn, wash with white clay and mud has a great therapeutic effect in osteochondrosis. According to reliable reviews by experts, the treatment effect of swimming in these lakes than not worse treatment modality of treatments at the Dead Sea.

Amount of salt and freshwater lakes on Kinburn Spit today has about 150 pieces, although about 30-40 years ago their number reached 300 .Most of these lakes are shallow. Here comes the fish to spawn. It is very beautiful and unique spectacle, when a huge number of fish held tightly to each other, swims from one lake to another, and then goes out to sea. Salt Lake at Kinburn Spit exists before our time. Sometimes pieces of crystal iodized salt pale pink grow up to 15 meters. Once here constantly coming in for salt Chumakov, overcoming the difficult road full of pirates, bandits and warlike peoples.

History and Legends Kinburn edge

The geographical position of Kinburn Spit affected on its importance in history, because it was held by the route "from the Varangians to the Greeks." According to some historians, during the reign of Prince Sviatoslav of Kievan Rus in Berezan island, which is located next to the Kinburn spit, stayed merchant ships, which still had a long way to the Black Sea. While the island of Berezan had other names - the Greek "Borisfenida" Old Russian "White Coast", Ukrainian "Bloberezhzhya." Trade route "from the Vikings in the Greeks," which passed through this area linked the Scandinavian and Baltic countries to the southern part of Kievan Rus' and the Byzantine Empire. From Scandinavia and the Baltic to Byzantium led crafts, bread, furs, silver coins, wax, honey, amber, weapons. In the opposite direction carried spices, wine, expensive fabrics, fruits, jewelry. From Kiev to Constantinople, it was necessary to overcome the way in 30-40 days. Merchant ships stayed on the island on the Dnieper Khortytsya or in its mouth on the island of Berezan. When Prince Svyatoslav was returning from his last campaign of the Byzantine Empire, he spent the winter on the islands Beloberezhya.Kinburn Spit

In addition to this story, there is still a lot of unusual and beautiful legends that are associated with the Kinburn Spit.

In some traditions can read the story about the great naval victory of Achilles, which in honor of his victory has decided to arrange for Kinburn Spit athletic games. In another narration it is a bold Amazons living in the area under the laws of matriarchy. They sacrificed to their gods captive handsome men. Another legend says that on the territory of Kinburn many centuries ago stood a majestic temple of Demeter - goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Those who have seen the saga Volyzhinskogo forests may believe in another legend, which says that once there rustled their leaves sacred grove of Hecate is the goddess of the moon, witches and ghosts.

But the most intriguing superstition is the following, Scythian people sincerely believed that this area is sacred, and hid his greatest treasure here is Scythian gold.

Kinburn attractions and neighborhoods

I go to the Kinburn Foreland for a quiet and relaxing holiday, you can also take a short excursion to its surroundings and see the local sights:

  • The remains of the Turkish fortress of Kinburn
  • Relic grove - mystical Kovalevskaya saga and Volyzhin forest;
  • Shoal Yagorlitskoy Zatoki - it spire braids and a place where there are water of the Black Sea and Dnieper-Bug estuary;
  • Peninsula Berezan (formerly an ancient Greek settlement Borisfen);
  • Cossack cross on the honor of the first ataman Sidor White, who led the Black Sea Cossacks;
  • Kinburn salt and mud lakes with deposits of white clay;
  • Monument to Count Alexander Suvorov;
  • Tract 'curfew' and its beautiful oak groves.

At Kinburn Spit is not much choice for recreation and hotels, so you can stay in the neighboring resort towns and cities with the best living conditions: Koblevo (132 km), Ochakov (116 km), Rybakovka (133 km), and others.

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