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Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

We suggest you to know the main sanctuary of Ukrainian Orthodoxy, one of the most famous Christian monuments of the world - National Kyiv-Pechersk Historical and Cultural Museum.

The name "Pechersk" comes from the word "cave" that were found in the area in which the first monks settled. Kilometers of caves contain over 200 relics of the holy man.

The monks of Kiev-Pechersk monastery and above all hermits, they had a different morality. It attracted in the Pechersk Lavra and distinguished people. The monastery became the original Academy of Orthodox hierarchs.

Lavra - this honorary title that was given very large and important monasteries. Most of the buildings of the Monastery were at the XII-XIII centuries and is an excellent example of Ukrainian Baroque style in architecture.

You, lucky people XI century: you can see the restored monastery complex, with its sacred aura. Resumed main sanctuary - Assumption Cathedral, more than 60 years lay in ruins. Restored necropolis of Lavra,wich are back from the oblivion "undesirable" figures of the past - Russian Prime Minister P. Stolypin, D. Scherbakivskoho ukrainian historian, Metropolitan Anthony. Almost all the buildings of the Lavra are repaired.

The Kyiv - Pechersk Lavra included to UNESCO World Heritage List.

On the territory of monastery there are several historical and cultural museums of Ukraine, including the famous Museum of Historical Treasures (Scythian Gold Museum), and the museum of miniatures, museum typography, decorative folk art, music, theater and film, exhibitions of private collections. A special exhibition dedicated to the history of the caves.

The high right bank of the Dnipro crowned with golden domes of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - portion of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the cradle of monasticism in Rus and the strength of the Orthodox faith. Visit this amazing creation the hand of our ancestors and you get unforgettable impressions from observing. Story guide will help you learn interesting information about religion, painting, architecture, interiors of churches and much more.

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