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Travel SIM cards

Travel SIM cards

    Company «Anga Travel» offers a broad package of additional services for its customers, including the ability to buy a starter pack TravelSIM, it is proven quality and low roaming tariffs. 

For example:

         Especially for visitors to the U.S. SIM cards with favorable rates on calls from America. 
 With the SIM-card of the U.S. you can call to the U.S. at the following rates: 

• Outgoing calls -$ 0,45 / min.,
• Incoming calls-$ 0,00 / min. 

    TravelSIM constantly expanding the geography of his actions, today it's 184 member countries of the world. 
It is possible to buy astarter pack TravelSIM in our office: str.Vladimirskaya 69, 4th  floor, office 411. 

• You choose a starter pack with the necessary balance. Our managers give you all necessary information
• Insert your card into your mobile

• And use it as usual when you travel abroad 

It is very easy to replenish your account.

The advantage of TravelSiM: 
• Free incoming calls for subscribers in most of countries 
• Competitive rates for outgoing calls not only for international calls or calls to Ukraine, but also on local facilities. 
• No subscription fee 
• Round-the-clock rate for the host countries, regardless of network registration.

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