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Ivans mountain in PoltavaThe inhabitants of the city of Poltava is one very beautiful and a favorite place, which was for the city almost sacred, is Ivan’s mountain. This is the best viewing point of the city, which offers a magnificent panorama of the center of Poltava and its most iconic buildings.

Ivan’s mountain in Poltava is its historical core. Here is a huge complex of historical and architectural attractions of the city, each of which is his trademark.

So, Ivan’s mountain in Poltava is high and picturesque hill, which rises above the river Vorskla. Many centuries ago, there was laid the first stronghold of the chronicle of the city Ltava, which is the predecessor of the modern city of Poltava. The first written mention of this strengthening was born in 1174 in the Hypatian chronicle. After some time on the site of the fortifications erected an earthen Poltava fortress, which in the seventeenth century played a very important role during the great Northern war - she's three months courageously kept the onslaught of the Swedish troops. Poltava fortress had fifteen towers, one of them - Podolsky - have survived to the present day. Recently Podolsky tower was reconstructed and now it is part of a complex of attractions Poltava "Ivan’s mountain".Ivans mountain in Poltava

One of the main attractions Ivan’s mountains is the cathedral square, which in 2005 was built luxurious Holy Dormition Cathedral. Behind the Cathedral is the famous museum-estate of the Great Ukrainian writer Ivan P. Kotlyarevsky, author of the world famous "Aeneid". In the complex of the Museum-estate of the writer includes a barn, a well-crane, shed, and, of course, the house is a typical Ukrainian housing with a front room, kitchen, living room and bedroom.

The top of Ivan’s mountain adorns one of its attractions, which guests love Poltava and local residents, is a white gazebo (the rotunda). White gazebo is considered one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. It was built in 1909 in honor of one of the main historical events of the city - the battle of Poltava, which radically changed the fate of not only the Poltava, but throughout the Russian Empire. The gazebo was built in the shape of a horseshoe. Such a decision is not random! There is a legend according to which the current location of the gazebo local blacksmith skillfully hack horse of Emperor Peter I, who lost a Shoe during the battle of Poltava.Ivans mountain in Poltava

Unfortunately, during the great Patriotic war gazebo could not resist. It has been demolished, and the place of the gazebo, the Nazis established their artillery observation post. Instead of a white gazebo in 1954 was built eight-columned rotunda of friendship of peoples. Local residents, out of habit, called the rotunda White gazebo. From the place where you installed the White rotunda, offers breathtaking views of the river, city and another landmark Poltava - Holy Cross monastery, which is the most ancient architectural monument of the city. At night the White rotunda and led lighting, giving the building a stunning view through the transfusion of a thousand different shades.

Ivans mountain in PoltavaNot far from the White rotunda is another symbol of modern Poltava and iconic monument Ivan’s mountain- the monument Dumplings.He appeared here recently. The opening of the monument was dedicated to the birthday of another world famous Ukrainian writer born in Poltava region, Nikolai Gogol. It is this writer in his works perpetuated the cult Ukrainian dish - dumplings. Monument Dumplings made in the form of a deep dish, which stands on a high pedestal that resembles the form of wooden countertops. The plate is a large spoon and twelve dumplings. After the opening of the Monument Dumplings creative Poltava organized distinctive Holiday Poltava dumplings, which has now become traditional for Poltava and is held annually in the summer.

With Ivanova mountain offers great views of the city, at the bottom of the river Vorskla, on the left you can see the Collegiate Mountain, on the right mountain Institute.

Ivan’s mountain is one of the oldest and most valuable landmarks not only for Poltava, but for all Ukrainians.

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