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ElijahChurch is one of sacredplaces on Podil. It was built in 1692 on the spot where once was located first wooden church, there is a factknown that it is within its walls Prince Igor vowed to sign a peace treat with the Greeks ambassadors. This episode is mentioned in the "Tale of Bygone Years". The church was the first Orthodox church in Kyivan Rus.

Planning of Elijah Church is very similar to planning its wooden predecessor. Compositionofgraceful dome structure is traditional for Ukrainian church. Elements of Russian architecture of the XVII century adorn the facades. Next to the church isplaceda bell tower with a hipped top, and a gate in the Cossack Baroque style, erected in the eighteenth century.

Belltowerhas a cubic shape andisrather squat. But due totents with windows for bells ("ear") it seems much higher than it actually is. They say that it is builtbythe same master who was driving to the church tower Nicholas. At this pointstatesthe similarities in appearance and design of buildings. During the war tent suffered severe damage, but in the middle of the last century it was restored.

In 1718 the church suffered severe fire. During reconstruction in 1755 were built some new buildings. In the early nineteenth century church burned again, but it was quickly recovered. During the bombing of Kyiv in 1918 c. building suffered severe damage, because the shells hit the sanctuary.

Today white-walledchurch almost devoid of decoration except for plastic windows and ceramic stars that can revive faceted facades. Architecture celebrated balance, calmness, gentleness. On top of extremely proportional, almost toy building is bath, but not in baroque style because of thefire in the nineteenth century. Attached to the church there is magnificent portico of the elements in the style of classicism and baroque portalwiththe gate.

Since the construction of the church and until now design and interior have undergone significant changes. Interest is three-tiered iconostasis, which has similarities with the iconostasis at St. Volodymyr's Cathedral. Decorating the house Elijah has been performed according to the canons of academic school. The church walls are decorated with four dozen stories, most of which are connected with the life of the prophet. The central theme of the altar was the Eucharist, and the main image - Jesus Christ. In addition, the walls of the house amaze many ancient icons.

by Ostap Ukrainetz