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An established tourist resort on the Red Sea – Hurghada, it located 500 kilometers southeast of Cairo. Hurghada - one of the oldest resorts in Egypt, he was the first in the country to receive foreign tourists "en masse". This suggests two conclusions: the beaches are the best on the coast, and many hotels have "aged". True, they are mostly cheaper than the hotels of the same level, located at other resorts. Hurghada consists of three parts: the old city of El-Dahar (El Dahar), a new city Sakkala (Sakkala) and hotels, stretching from south to north, far beyond the city. Now the resort about 200 hotels and more are being built every month for two or three. Compared with the Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada is a bit cooler, as the resort is not surrounded by mountains. He is closer to Luxor, which is more convenient for sightseeing. But as the local attractions are the temple of the Egyptian Coptic Christians and the outskirts Coptic Church. Even here there is the Museum of the Red Sea and the Maritime Aquarium.

Most vacationers in Hurghada - married couples, often with children (especially in autumn when the climate is mildest), also quite a few seniors, combining holidays in the warm sea with nedalnimi excursions.

Beaches in Hurghada flat, but the open sea, fine and clean sand will not at all hotels. Most often it is artificially depressed the lagoon. Sometimes it is not very noticeable, but sometimes the water in the lagoons is fairly turbid. Many hotels have a "house reef" - corals near the beach, where you can see the fish.

The vast majority of restaurants, shops, discos are concentrated in the old and the new center of Hurghada, as well as in the resort tourist area near the hotel Grandotel. It is worth to go on show in the Palace "Thousand and One Nights" (presenting the life of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt), discos Papas Bar, Papas II and Ministry of Sound. Satisfactory restaurants: Costa Coffee, Da Cappo and Hed Kandi Beach Bar - bar at the beach, where you can sunbathe and have breakfast together.

Best diving - the island Giftun (Giftun) and the archipelago around him. In the major hotels are open equipment rental and training centers windsurfing and kitesurfing, and in the Sofitel and Hilton Plaza taught by Russian instructors. The course diving with PADI with certificate (5 days) will cost 250-300 USD depending on the center. One day diving (along with rental boats and equipment) is 40 USD. Those who do not like diving, but also wants to discover the beauty of the underwater world of Hurghada, can ride a submarine Sindbad. It’s equipped with inspection windows and goes under water for 20 hours

What to see

  • Walk to "akvaskope" ~ 40 USD,
  •  walk on a submarine (only in Hurghada) ~ 55/30 USD (adult / child)
  • National Oriental show "A Thousand and One Nights» (Alf Leila Wa Leila) ~ 20/10 USD,
  • trip to Luxor and the Valley of the Pharaohs ~ 60/30 USD,
  •  trip to Cairo and the Pyramids of Giza (1 day, bus) ~ 70/35 USD,
  • trip to Cairo (1 day, aircraft) ~ 250/190 USD,
  • Cairo - Alexandria (2 days, bus) ~ 140 USD,
  • Luxor - Abu Simbel - Aswan (2 days) ~ 300 USD,
  • ATV safaris ~ 35 USD,
  •  fishing boat ~ 30/15 USD,
  •  Diving - from 45 USD per test dive,
  •  Jeep safari »~ 25/15 USD,
  •  Visit to the Monastery of St. Catherine (ferry) ~ 160/80 USD,
  •  Mount St. Moses and St. Catherine Monastery (by plane) ~ 175 USD,
  • coral islands ~ 35/15 USD,
  •  "Singing Fountains» ~ 20/10 USD,
  • Visit to the Monastery of St. Anthony and St. Paul’s ~ 40/20 USD,
  • Jerusalem (1 day, the aircraft plus bus) ~ 350/250 USD,
  • Peter (one day, a plane) ~ 335/290 USD.