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THE ARTICLE "National Art Museum of Ukraine"

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Museums in Kiev, Sightseeing bus tours in KyivNational Art Museum of Ukraine is one of the largest and oldest in our country. During a long period of existence (over a century) its assets included a unique collection of Ukrainian painting masterpieces, as well as masterpieces of drawing and sculpture, from XII century and ending with the present. This museum is one of the key institutions involved in the preservation, study and popularization of national art, which is the true source of spiritual enrichment of Ukrainian culture.

The museum is located in the premises of the building by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. The building was erected specially for the first Municipal Museum in Kiev. But this was not the original decision, and processing the famous architect Peter Boitsova who could not get a license from the government to the practical construction (usually P.Boytsovu had to work hard as a private architect to the rich, and creative achievements Museums in Kiev, Sightseeing bus tours in Kyivof the artist is the first project of building the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, built by Roman Klein). The building was designed in the neoclassical style. Today it needs documents for the approval status of architecture in Ukraine. The sculptural decoration of the main facade belongs to E. Sale.

The official opening of the museum and its dedication was held in December 1904. At that time, the museum was named "Kiev Art, Industry and Science Museum of Emperor Nicholas Alexandrovich." At the same time there were names like "Museum of Antiquities and Art" and "Kiev City Museum."

Collection of the National Art Museum of Ukraine can safely be considered the most extensive and complete collection of Ukrainian art. Museums of kiev, kiev attractions, the National Art Museum of UkraineThe museum boasts numerous masterpieces of Ukrainian paintings, drawings and sculptures that span a period of more than a thousand years. Here you can find works by masters from all over Ukraine.

The museum has one of the best collections of icons in the country. Classic examples of icon painting of the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries represent Ages in western Ukraine. Extremely valuable collection of different Ukrainian Baroque art, including numerous icons, paintings, polychrome sculpture, ancient books. A special collection is a collection of avant-garde of the last century. In later decades the museum collection displayed a variety of trends and currents, starting and ending with postmodernism socialist realism.

by Ostap Ukrainetz

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