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Everyone knows that all the Poltava and Poltava Region is called the spiritual center of Ukraine. Here were built a huge number of monasteries, churches, and temples. One of the newest and most famous temples in Poltava is the Temple of Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia.Temple of Faith, Hope and Love

Temple of Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia was built in Poltava in 2002 by the initiative of local women’s religious communities and city authorities. The author of the architect's design of the church was made by the honored artist and architect Anatoly Chernoshchyokov. New church in Poltava was consecrated by Bishop Philip of Poltava and Kremenchug.

Earthly home of Jesus Christ in the middle of the church is decorated with a huge iconostasis, which is mounted to the entire height of the building. Iconostasis was created by talented craftsmen of Lviv firm "Syayvo." Bible stories that are depicted on the walls of the temple, made ??by artist Vasily Korkishko Victor Trohimets-Miliutin, Peter Humeniuk. Some of the icon of the Temple of Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia were brought directly from Pochaivskoy Lavra.

Church of Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia in Poltavahas a pentagonal shape of the temple, which was built in the classical style. This temple is crowned by a central cross, which reaches a height of five meters. Decorate the top of the church, Faith, Hope, Love decorative bath-bells, of which there are 7 pieces. All these bells were cast at Poltava Locomotive Plant. The largest bell, which has the name "Poltava", weighs 271 km.

Temple of Faith, Hope and LoveTemple of Faith, Hope and LoveTemple of Faith, Hope and Love

Despite such a short period of existence, the Temple of Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia in Poltava gained immense popularity and respect among both guests and local residents it.

The Life of the Holy Martyrs Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia

For those who do not know the history of the Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia, we will try to briefly describe.

In the year 137, during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian, in the period of the decline of Rome and the horrible depravity, widow Sophia herself raised three daughters, contrary to the general trend. Sofia was able to raise a sensible girl with strong faith in Christ in their hearts. Soon after hearing about the beauty, wisdom and Virtue of Faith, Hope, Love came to the Emperor Hadrian, who ordered these righteous causes of girls and their mother to the palace.

Girls perfectly understand why they were summoned by the emperor, so with fervent prayer, they turned to their Lord, in which they asked him to strengthen their spiritual and physical strength during suffering. Sofia, their self-sacrificing mother and fierce Christian, with joy in my heart blessed daughters to martyrdom in the name of Christ the Savior. She urged Faith, Hope and Love to stand firm for his faith in the Lord and not be afraid of short-term pain and suffering.Temple of Faith, Hope and Love

When the girl with her mother appeared before the eyes of the Emperor, all in the palace were simply stunned by their calmness and fortitude. We all had the impression that they did not come to torture and death, and the banquet. In turn began to call himself Emperor Hadrian girls and gently persuade them to sacrifice to the goddess Artemis. But all three girls refused to do so and took the agreement to endure all grievous torments for his Lord Jesus Christ. Adrian ordered rigid ways to torture all three girls. He began with the eldest daughter, with Faith, and it all happened in front of his mother and younger daughters. Executioners mercilessly beaten Faith, taking away from her body parts. Then they decided to put the girl on a hot grate, but the power of God the body of the Faith fire did not cause any harm. I was distraught with cruelty to manifest God's miracle eyes opened, and he commanded to give up faith in a cauldron of boiling tar. But it happened one more miracle of God - the boiler cooled and did not cause any harm Confessor. Then it was decided to execute the sword. Inspired by the courage of her older sister, Hope and Love took on the likes of flour. And with a huge unshakable faith in the heart of the girl happily took his martyrdom.

Hagia Sophia, the mother of the obedient Christian, seeing the agony endured daughters, all the time showed extraordinary courage and strength of will, urging Faith, Hope and Love to endure all this suffering and expected rewards of the heavenly Bridegroom. After all these tragic events over the young girls, Sophia was allowed to take the bodies of their daughters, to bring them to the ground. Three days Sofia wept over the graves of Faith, Hope and Charity, and finally betrayed the Lord his tormented soul.

For loyalty to Christianity and mentoring their children Sofia, as well as her daughters - Faith, Hope and Love, sainted. Today, the power of the Holy Faith, Hope, Charity and their mother Sophia buried in the church of shock collars, in Alsace.

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