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Hidropark is one of the most famous parks in the Ukrainian capital. It is located in Venice and Dolobetsky islands between Rusanivsky Strait and the Dnieper.

Earlier on the spot of Hydropark was Predmostnaya slobodka. But it was destroyed during the Soviet occupation. The 1943 was the last year of its existence. Later, between 1965 and 1968, there was a water entertainment complex built, which included numerous beaches, water rides and boat stations.

Hidropark covers an area of over 360 hectares. In the creation of the project talented architects I.P. Shpara and V.L. Suvorov were involved.

Today, in the park can be found almost seventy-five thousand people at once. As to the metro station "Hidropark" (Svyatoshino-Brovarska Kyiv subway line), during hot summer days through its turnstile passes to two hundred thousand people.

Venetian Island and Dolobetsky are connected Venetian bridge. On the left bank of the Dnieper It can be reached by using Rusanivskyi bridge. On the right bank subway bridge is leading to it.

On its territory is placed a unique collection of layouts famous buildings of Kiev called "Kyiv in miniature" through which everyone can feel like Gulliver, who suddenly found himself in the country Liliputy. Here only this time instead of overseas strangeness waiting for him other painfully familiar and native, that's just reduced to a few hundred times. Here you can see a miniature ribbon Khreschatyk, surrounded by many buildings, view from the top of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra or Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, admire narrow Dnieper River, which is more like a trickle, you can even jump over. Walk the alleys between tiny replicas of magnificent buildings creates the illusion of fairy tales, which wants to hit everyone.

The park is characterized by a huge number of recreational facilities and activities. There are many restaurants and casinos, discos, etc. are often held.

Hidropark is a great place for entertaining. There is a large number of beaches, with not only traditional but also with certain characteristics, among them - beaches for children, disabled beaches and beaches for nudists. Water lovers can stroll to rent boats and catamarans. Sports fans have the opportunity to play football, paintball, plain and table tennis or volleyball. On the lovers of water in hydro toys awaits a huge number of water rides that will have extreme fun.

by Ostap Ukrainetz