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Ski Yaremche

Yaremche City (formerly Yaremcha ) - one of the best tourist centers Carpathians, lowland climatic resort, situated in the valley of the Prut River, at an altitude of 580 meters above sea level in the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The resort Yaremche one of the oldest resorts in Ukraine . Its picturesque landscapes, crystal spring water , healthy air , unforgettable hiking trails and national traditions are well known far beyond Ukraine . The city covers the south- western part of the Ivano -Frankivsk oblast, and is located 60 kilometers from Ivano- Frankivsk.
       Earlier Yaremche was a settlement, but later he was joined by the village Yamna Dora, and the village was granted city status. According to legend, 500 years ago there lived Godovanets Yarema , who settled on the banks of the Prut , " conquered the mountains piece of land and started his own farm ." With his name and associate the name of the city. As one of the most famous luxury resorts Yaremche during the reign of Poland. During the years of Soviet power, the city received the status of regional subordination to the number of visitors ( tourists and excursionists ) - up to 1.5 million per year. Today, the main industry of the city - is the tourism industry .



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