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Vorohta is a picturesque town in Ivano-Frankivsk region. It is located not far from Yablunitskiy Pereval at the height of 850 meter above sea level. Vorohta is one of the most popular medium-altitude mountains resorts in the Carpathians. Temperate continental climate, clear mountain air, filled with pine-needles, is one of the best treatments while even the most difficult respiratory tract diseases.

Let’s have a short insight into the history of Vorohta. Population of this settlement already counts more than 4000 people. There are several variant of its origin. The first option is that the name “Vorohta” derives from the word “vorohy”. Such a word was used for woods, brought by peasants to noble salteries. It is mentioned in one of written sources of the year 1700: “Vorohy are fire-woods for baths and salteries”.

According to another option, the town was named after the first settler Mocheryak (Mykhaylo) Vorohta. Legends say that he was a soldier, who ran away from square-bashing and settled down in this place. Mykhaylo Vorohta was a very talented weaver and the fame of his talent quickly spread throughout the region.  

Weavers’ craft has its peculiarities in the Carpathians: people living in the mountains are dressed with sheep wool, when inhabitants of hollows have their clothes due to the field providing them with hemp and linen. Production of mountain weavers has always been in great demand due to its quality, unique character and bright color palette. Local craftsmen used only natural coloring materials for coloring their goods: black paint was received by boiling dry bean pods, dark-red color – from cherry or alder bark. 

It was due to the talent of Mykhaylo Vorohta that weavers’ craft started to spread. A lot people came here cutting and rooting up forests in order to widen their living space. New residential areas were named after their pioneers. Some of them are saved till nowadays.

Vorohta has a very interesting location. It is situated both on the slopes of the Carpathian hills and in the hollow. From the eastern side Vorohta is separated from the settlement called Tatarovo with Rebrovach mountain range that is fully covered with spruce forests and spreads through Rizhu and Dilok meadows, located between Kismach and Vorohta. Two other ranges – Pereval and Bukovel – spread from Rizh to Ozernaya and Kostrich meadows. The last one already belongs to Verhovina range, dividing Vorohta and Verhovina. After Kostrich follow series of meadows and forests, Homul Mountain, Dantsish and Pozhizhevska meadows. And so gradually the route approaches Hoverla. By the way, Votohta is the best start for climbing Hoverla which is the highest mountain peak in Ukraine and is located at the height of 2061 m above sea level.

The northern slope of Hoverla belongs to Vorohta, the southern one – to Yasenya.

Vorohta is most famous as a wonderful ski center with great conditions for unforgettable winter rest. “Vorohta” ski resort has 5 operating hills of high quality, several T-bars and chair-lifts of various length, two rope-chair ways, ski stadium, trails of various difficulty levels with night illumination. Those coming to Vorohta for skiing are offered wonderful trails of various difficulty levels: straighter and gentler ski trails for beginners, with possibility to learn with instructors, and trails for professional skiers. Vorohta is the training center of national team in ski jumping, cross-country skiing and biathlon.



Simple skiers have a chance to improve their skills on their own or with instructors, as well as try themselves in a new “snow” kind of sport – snowboarding.

“Vorohta” ski resort gives people with various financial backgrounds a perfect chance to have a good winter rest(accommodation prices here are the lowest, private houses starting from 50UAH/day).           

Infrastructure in Vorohta is well-developed. There is a wide choice of hotels, inns, cottages, as well as cafés, shops, kolybas, baths, saunas, billiard rooms, massage rooms, rentals of skiing equipment, snowmobiles, four-wheelers, excursions, trips by Jeeps and many other entertainments.

“Vorohta” ski resort also has its tourist attractions. It is located on the territory of the Carpathian National Nature Park, where you can admire unique beauty of local mountains (Brebeneskul, Petros, Hoverla), the beauty of mountain rivers and plashy waterfalls. Besides, there is an ancient architectural monument in Vorohta which is the Church of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin (1654) that is one of the best examples of Gutsul wooden architecture of the XVII century. In Vorohta you can also see viaduky – arched railway bridges.

“Vorohta” ski resort is one of the best Carpathian resorts suitable for quiet family rest as well as for active time and a happy get-together.

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