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Speedway RustaviAt a distance of 20 kilometers from the capital of Georgia for the first time in 1978 was opened Speedway. It was the first professional racing circuit in the South Caucasus. On the first race track in Rustavi for 10 years held a number of stages of the Championships and competitions in cross-country USSR. But after the USSR has lost its essence and disintegrated into separate States, racetrack "Rustavi", as well as many other important objects, was for a long time forgotten and gradually became quite abandoned. Decades later, in 2009, the auction route together with the destroyed platforms and roads was sold into private ownership.

After the sale of the race, it started to be active reconstruction and restoration of the former glory of the race track.  On the 29th of the April, 2012 took place the Grand opening of a new race "Rustavi". At the opening ceremony of the route was attended by the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, who was the first behind the wheel of a racing car has updated the track. It was named because of the name of the nearest to it of the settlement - the city of Rustavi.

Speedway RustaviAfter a long period of desolation and abandonment, updated Speedway "Rustavi" re ready to take lovers of cars, speed and drive.For several years after recovery race in Rustavi started Championships Georgia on circuit racing in classes’ Formula alpha, Legend, Touring. It also hosts Amateur competitions a pair of racing, drifting and drag racing.

Speedway "Rustavi" today meets all international standards of the FIA and ready to take the world racing Championships: the total length is 4000 meters; its width is 20 meters. In the stands near the race track "Rustavi" can accommodate 7500 spectators. On the second floor of the main building has a cozy restaurant, which can accommodate 200 persons at the same time. The restaurant has huge screens where being broadcast from any part of the track. There are also facilities for conferences. On the third floor of the main building are the towers, which are the management process races.

Speedway "Rustavi" became a base and a place for training new racing teams, which take part in the races of the world level.

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