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Going to the next trip to another city or region, absolutely every tourist wants to see all the most important attractions of this region. It does not matter what a country, what city, what region - there is always a lot of places and sights, which must see. With regard to the Poltava region, so there are a plenty of such places.Gogolevo

Many of the attractions of Poltava edge associated with the literary work of the great Ukrainian writers are Nikolai Gogol and Ivan Petrovich Kotlyarevskogo. Their names, the works, the characters of these works forever ingrained in the names of villages, attractions, history and traditions of Poltava. For example, one of the local villages, where he was born, grew up, lived and worked successfully for a long time, Nikolai Gogol, in 1902 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the writer received a new name is Gogolevo. Previously, the village was called Vasilevka.

What is interesting in this village? First and foremost, it is a museum-reserve of Nikolai Gogol, which first opened its doors to visitors in 1984. The opening ceremony and the very creation of the Museum-Reserve were dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Nikolai Gogol.

Here, in Gogolevo formerly family homestead Gogols-Yanovsky. Unfortunately, it has not survived to the present day in its original form, as during the Great Patriotic War was completely burned. But in its place at the old photos, illustrations, surviving drawings, letters, and also thanks to his contemporaries, was soon reproduced and recreated in the present writer's museum-reserve. Recovered were parental home, together with its entire interior, which vividly describes the features of the interior of Gogol's era. In addition to the house, also rebuilt the wing, which housed the office of Nikolai Gogol, were reconstructed romantic grotto on the banks, century garden, ponds.Gogolevo

Familiarity with the open-air museum of Nikolai Gogol begins with a tour of the family home of the writer. The interior of each room, a study, a living room, bedroom, dining room has been recreated as accurately as possible to the original mind, based on the stored records and recollections of contemporaries. Bookshelves exhibited books that read more grandpa writer AD Gogol-Yanovsky, photocopies of works that were written by the father of Nikolai Gogol - Vasily Afanasevich. The house can be seen as a lot of personal things Nikolai Gogol and his family. As you know, Nikolai Gogol was a versatile personality. One of his activities was a collection of folklore material of his native land, evidenced by the huge ethnographic museum.

In the introductory hall, the exhibition "Gogol and modernity. The global importance of the writer". Here you can learn about how highly valued and appreciate the writings of Nikolai Gogol many outstanding figures of the past and present. In other sections of the exhibition the exposition, which tell us about the impact of creativity and work of Nikolai Gogol in world literature.Gogolevo

Collection of the Museum-Reserve name of Nikolai Gogol has more than 7,000 exhibits. This visual, written, photographic, video and film footage, original portraits of the writer and his family and many other things.

Outside the main house is an outbuilding, where the writer lived, when on a visit to her relatives. If we compare the wing with the main manor, he has a lot of different things. Outbuilding is relatively small. It was built as a traditional Ukrainian hut with thatched roof.

Homestead Gogols-Yanovsky decorates vintage garden, which was planted even grandfather of the writer.Since the latter is absolutely not tolerate abuse of symmetry and beauty of nature, in the garden there is absolutely Gogol planted rows of trees and alleys. Instead, through the garden laid a large number of paths that lead to the pond. On the other side of the pond formerly occupied estate nephew Nikolai Gogol - M.V.Bykova.Gogolevo

Not far from this reservoir is in the grotto, which the family of the writer called "Temple of Solitude." According to friends of the writer, it is known that in this cave he loved to compose their works.

The museum-reserve up two large birches, they are called the "mother" and "father." Next to these two trees there are five birch trees that grow from the same root. Near these birches is the final point of the tour route to the museum-reserve them. Nikolai Gogol, is the grave of the writer's parents. Here, once housed the Church of Nativity, which was built in 1821 at the expense of the parents of Nikolai Gogol. Later, in the building of the church was the parish school, and in 1959 it was destroyed, like many other churches, which overtook the Khrushchev era of rebellion.

Absolutely everything in the museum-reserve, in the village Gogolevo tells about the great writer, his work and influence not only in domestic but also in the world literature. All it attaches travelers and guests of the village to the sources of the immortal genius of Nikolai Gogol.

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