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Henichesk Historical MuseumResort town of Genichesk has not so many sights as other similar resort towns; however, it also has some tourist attractions. For instance, while having rest in Genichesk, you can vary your sea rest with a visit to the City Historical museum, situated at the address: 1, Petrovskogo st.

Genichesk Historical Museum is the exclusive and the first museum in the north-eastern part of Kherson region, established in 1959. In 2002 this museum received the status of an independent institution of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. 

As you approach the building of Genichesk Historical Museum, is may disappoint you with hardly presentable appearance (façade of the building may be considered a silent reproach to the town authorities), but inside a well-kept interior and a lot of interesting expositions are waiting for you. The museum’s collection accounts for about ten thousand exhibits. Henichesk Historical MuseumDuring the time of its existence, the museum have gathered rare and rather unique exhibits: antique and medieval ceramics, a stele of the Sarmatian period, archive documents of the period of Nazi occupation in Kherson region 1941-1943, bowsprit of a medieval ship (ship’s head adornment in the shape of “tur’s head”, pictures by national painter N.V.Kupriyanov, Georgian vases, intarsias and incuses, Tula samovars and bowls, collections of coins, old weapon, paintings, bones of a southern elephant and many other interesting exhibits.

Genichesk Historical Museum consists of 8 exhibition halls which are “Nature of the region”, “Ethnography Hall”, “Ancient History”, “Friendship Hall”, “Hall of Military Glory”, “Hall of Distinguishing People of Priazovye” and two exhibition halls. In the hall “Nature of the region” you can see two dioramas called “Azov Sea” and “Biryuchiy Island” (authors-painters Vladimir Sokolov and Nikolay Bozhkov). Henichesk Historical MuseumThe last diorama represents a cut of the Azov Sea. In two exhibition halls shows of photo artists, painters, as well as masters of decorative and applied arts, exhibitions of children creative work are regularly held.

Every year number of visitors in Genichesk Historical Museums reaches approximately 10-15 thousand people. Among those – students, citizens and guests of the town, holiday-makers in Genichesk and Arabatskaya Arrow, servicemen, veterans of war and other categories of population.

Genichesk Historical Museum is by its nature an institution where you can start your closer acquaintance with the town and the region, its history, culture, economics and peculiarities.     

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