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Funicular is part of the transport system of the Ukrainian capital. The reason for its appearance was the growing problem of communication between uptown and Podil. Once Kievans used to lift up the steep path, then - Andrew's Descent. When between Khreschatyk and Podil was launched the first tram, road became a little easier, though mch longer.

The idea of building a mechanical lift between the lower and upper Kyiv in a tiny old railroad route from the cable car was thrust into the hands of engineer A.A. Abrahamson. The development project involved engineers N.I. Baryshnikov and M.K. Piatnitski. Funicular was built between 1902 and 1905. Inauguration fell on May 7, 1905, and the next day began regular passenger transporting. Coley had a length of 200 meters. First they joined street Mill floor with the upper terrace of Vladimir's Hill. Because of the location next to St. Michael's Monastery mechanical lifting named Michael electric rope lift.

In 1928, when replacing rope from the top of the funicular train station fell down and smashed the bottom car. After this was done the first reconstruction, by which there was a

forty meter gauge. Radical reconstruction was carried out 30 years later and was characterized by the establishment of modern equipment in the engine room, which guaranteed the safe transportation of passengers. In late 1984 the funicular updated again.

Most similar to the funicular tram transport is considered. Thus tickets for this type of vehicle can also be used for travel on the funicular. Today the cost of the trip is 1.50 UAH and it introduced special tokens that are used only for the passage to the cable car station.

There is an interesting fact that at the same time as the funicular opened on Mill Street Teak laid tram lines, which began from the Contract square and finished nearby the lower station of the funicular. The specificity of the route was the fact that he was one with the cable car route. This meant that a ticket purchased from a tram, passengers could use to travel to the cable car and pay not for the transplant.

By the mid-1930s was one of the funicular tram routes and even had his own room.




At the record snowfall over the last 100 years, on the 22-25 of March 2013 the funicular served as a ski-lift for snowboarding and skiing in St. Andrew's descent and Vladimir's Hill.

by Ostap Ukrainetz