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Frolovsky Monastery (another name - Florovsky Monastery) is considered one of the most ancient convents in Kyiv. It is located on Podol. It was named in honor of Flora and Lavra - famous saints. Today the building is officially called the Holy Ascension Florovsky (Frolovsky) convent. West side of the monastery is combined with Castle Hill, where previously the cemetery was located.

The first written mention of the monastery is considered an entry in one of the letters of King Sigismund II Augustus, dated 1566 year. During the rule of the Polish monastery remained Orthodox. In the XVII-XVIII centuries the convent accepted such new Abbess as Princess Shakhovska, Countess Apraxin and Princess Catherine Myloslavska. At one time in the monastery Natalia Dolgorukova was present there as a novice. Known among Orthodox Christians book "Sanctified Christian Reflections" was written by Florovsky Monastery abbot - Emeralda. It was also trimmed in Melgunov abbot Alexander, who founded Seraphim-Dyviyivskyy monastery.

Abbot of the monastery left their mark in history for its charitable and educational affairs at the end of XIX century. At this time the monastery operated hospital for the poor and the school. In 1710 Florovsky Monastery was merged with Ascension Monastery, which at that time was transferred from the Cave. The reason for this change is that in the former monastery was rebuilt into the Old Fortress Cave. During the years 1722-32 Church of the Ascension was built - the magnificent structure, which still continues to amaze residents and visitors alike for its architecture.

Florovsky Monastery became known that after a fire in 1811, since restoration work was supervised be famous architect A. Melensky. Its truly amazing structures. They - one of the reasons why you should visit this monastery. On its territory there is Resurrection Church, built in the classical style in 1824. The building is a circular rotunda, whose facade is decorated with colonnades. There is also a bell tower, which was built in 1740 and rebuilt in 1824. It is a rectangular structure with three layers, the first of which is travel, the second – two-columned Tuscan portico, the third - the dome placed on the drum with a high spire. Also noteworthy house Superior, which is a small rectangular building, the entrance to which is decorated with two-columned Ionic portico. House was built in 1822.

by Ostap Ukrainetz