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Festivals in Lviv (spring - summer)


«Lviv Fashion Week»Festivals in Lviv

Holding Fashion Week twice a year (in spring and in autumn) has already become a tradition in Lviv. During a week fashion fans can enjoy not only luxury of the city, exhibitions of modern graphic arts, paintings, art, but also splendid fashion shows presenting collections of famous national and foreign designers. Long ago this festival drew attention of such world-famous couturier as Kenzo Takada, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Fedor Vozianov and many others. In these days medieval Lviv is filled with more modern creative atmosphere.


Lviv International Festival of Books for Children
This festival is a unique opportunity to dip in exciting and magic world of childhood. For six days more than 500 various in their thematic and most interesting events will be organized for children and their parents. These performances combine all kinds of art including fine and theatrical arts, dance, literature, singing and decorative art. Let this true fairy-tale be a present to your children!

International Festival “Lviv Weather-Vanes” (“Flugery L’vova”)Festivals in Lviv

“Lviv Weather-Vanes” is one of the most expected and non-standard festivals of this city, festival of ethno- jazz music. For three days atmosphere of wonderful music, pleasant meetings with famous performers and getting acquainted with new ones boils in the inner yard of the City Hall.  

Pysanka Festival in Lviv
During Pysanka Festival we turn back to reconstruction and popularization of Ukrainian ancient traditions. This event adorns and saturates the city atmosphere with forthcoming great and light Christian holiday – Easter.  Pysanka Festival is open for everyone to participate.  At this time various master classes on Easter eggs painting are held, as pysankas are the most ancient symbols of Ukraine.


Easter in LvivFestivals in Lviv

Easter is the biggest and the warmest family celebration in the whole Christian world. Exactly in this magic city of Leo, where family spirit, coziness and mysterious holiday feeling seethe in the atmosphere all the time, Easter celebration becomes an unequalled event. The festival involves nearly the entire city, all biggest architectural places and tourist attractions. It includes theme exhibitions, folklore festivities, unbelievable theatrical performances, famous ethno festival “Great Hayivka”, traditional “Easter Fair”. And all above mentioned are a small part of those fairy events taking place on the day of Easter celebration. Lviv is a city of numerous churches and cathedrals, hospitability and heartiness of its citizens. It will inbreathe true warm spring not only in nature but in your hearts as well. This festival is really worth seeing at least once in your life!

City Beer FestivalFestivals in Lviv

Visiting a new city, we always want to taste some special traditional dishes peculiar for this place. Oh, there are plenty of them in Lviv! However, main attractions are chocolate, coffee and beer! Lviv keeps its traditions and annually celebrates coffee and chocolate festival in February. May is characterized by celebration of City Beer Festival that will allow you visit countries of the best beer, such as England, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, and all these without leaving the city of Leo. For five days the festival amuses its guests with various beer contests, concert programs, interactive entertainments, and gastronomical fair “Beer to Beer”, stylized City Holiday “Batyar’s Day” and many other entertainments and performances!

City Holiday “Batyar’s Day”Festivals in Lviv

At the beginning of the century romantic, gallant and witty fellows called batyars wearing stylish hats and waistcoats were pompously walking along the streets of Lviv. Unfortunately, no true batyars left nowadays, but Lvivians, being true keepers of history, customs and tincture, want to revive “batyarship” in their city. Anybody who wants to participate in this festival, wear a costume, learn to talk batyars’ dialect, visit true Batyar office, be admitted to batyars and receive a relevant certificate has a great chance to do it. Batyar’s certificate is a document providing that you, as a true batyar, love various magnificent amusements, appreciate beautiful ladies and good “butsyky” (dancing) and are good at witty jokes and company entertaining. The holiday includes various batyars’ amusements and naughtiness.

Festivals in LvivFestivals in LvivFestivals in Lviv

That’s why having visited Lviv exactly it this time, you will never regret it and every batyar will tell you that “there is no place like Lviv where people feel so good!”

Festival “Lviv – the Capital of Crafts”  
From olden times Lviv has been world-famous as the capital of various crafts. So, at the fair of this festival you can get acquainted with works of brewers, cookery specialists, painters, jewelers, armorers, decorators, glass-artists, carvers, stone cutters, potters, blacksmiths, beekeepers, works of decorative and applied arts.

Kelner’s (Waiter’s) Day  
Kelner is a waiter, carrier of traditional hospitality of Lviv. This day you can present a flower to the waiter who you consider to be the best.

Lviv City DayFestivals in Lviv

Everybody who knows at least a bit about Lvovians’ love to their city, mere from the title can suggest how bright, large-scale and unique this holiday celebration is. It is accompanied by a huge carnival, various performances, dancing and singing. This parade-carnival traditionally unites citizens and guests of Lviv.

Since May during the period of half a year, weeks of national cultures are held in Lviv. These include nationalities that played an important role in development of Leo’s city, it’s cultural and historical growth. Each week representatives of different nations demonstrate unique presentations of their cultural traditions.

International Festival of Musical Art “Virtuosos”
This event will be interesting for true fans of world classics of various genres. The festival is held for 30 consecutive years and its participants include stars of classical music of world level.

Festival of Medieval Culture “Lviv Ancient”
As well in May, Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life will heartily welcome you with a wonderful performance-festival of medieval culture “Lviv Ancient”. Here you dip into the magic world of the Middle Ages with its heroes, brave knights, beautiful ladies, an executioner, and fools, you can visit a knight tournament and get acquainted with Lviv history of those times.

Choral Festival “Singing Field”
Still the same museum, Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life, will help you to get familiar with choral traditions and culture of Lviv. Every year more than 25 choral groups from the whole Ukraine get together on the amphitheater stage of this museum under the motto “Strength - in Unity”

Festival “Dolls’ World”. Project “ETHNO” Doll”
This festival will help you to discover a real world of toys. Dolls of world’s nations are represented here wearing various costumes. Toys are made in very different techniques: wooden, ceramic, knitted, cloth, straw, etc. Main adornment of this festival is a wrapped doll, which is the symbol of a mother, a child, and family. Comparing to dolls of other Slav nationalities, Ukrainian doll has a symbol of the sun on its head, the symbol of Christ.  

Festivals in LvivFestivals in LvivFestivals in Lviv



Alfa Jazz Fest
World-famous Jazz music festival will meet you at the end of spring. More than 15 performers from different corners of the world will make a wonderful cocktail from Jazz music and incredible impressions for those supporting “music of freedom”. For four days Jazz concerts will take place on the Rynok (Market) square and in the Culture Park.

Theatrical Festival of Children and Youth Groups “Fairy-Tale in the Wood”
In the yards of old houses, on the blooming meadows, at this time sources of kindness and wisdom come to life, which are fairy-tales and legends of Ukraine, accompanied by abundance of amusements that young actors bring to reality. This festival will give you and your children a chance to have a great time.

“Leopolis Grand Prix”
There is a car-racing annually held on the route “Lviv Triangle” that is a car parade-carnival of retro cars. “Leopolis Grand Prix” is an annual international festival of historical cars, which is supported by Car Federation of Ukraine. Ukrainian and foreign crews take part in this festival.

Festival “Lviv on a Plate”Festivals in Lviv

In 2012 a large-scale gastronomic festival was held, which represented all the variety and richness of Lviv cuisine and proved that Lviv is the gastronomic capital of our country. Restaurant-keepers from the entire city take part in this festival, representing their restaurants, the best chefs of Lviv, experts in culinary subtleties demonstrate their delicious dishes and beverages to citizens and guests of the city for three days on the Market square. Festival “Lviv on a plate” is so called mixture of music, Lviv architecture, tasting wonderful dishes, aperitifs and warm communication, creating unforgettable atmosphere and memories for guest of the city and its citizens, it also proves that Lviv cuisine is really rich on excellently delicious dished.

Festival of Organ Music “Diapason”
For more than 600 years Lviv has its separate history of organ music development. So, fans of this musical style annually organize International festival of organ music for bringing back the title of organ music center to Lviv.


Art  Festival «Fort.Missia»
Every year in a picturesque village called Popovichi, Lviv region, located on the border of Ukraine and Poland, one of the biggest festivals in Ukraine is held, which combines traditional format of festival and new trends in literature, music and art.

«Lviv Klez Fest»Festivals in Lviv

«LvivKlezFest» is an international festival of Jewish musical culture aiming to revive music of Jews that used to live in Galychyna long time ago. For several days not only Jewish songs but also songs of others participating countries will be heard on the Rynok square filling the air with their native tongues (Moldavian, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Polish, Hungarian).

International Short Film Festival «WIZ-ART»
This festival will introduce various in genre and thematic short films, created during last year, interesting presentations and music performances of various bands.

Modern Drama Festival «Drama.UA»
«Drama.UA» is the only festival of European and Ukrainian dramaturgy, held in Ukraine and aiming to promote drama as very popular and interesting genre. During this festival, you can see a number of theatrical performances of modern already famous and new playwrights, you can attend various lectures, master classes, play contest “Drama on the Ladder” and many others.


“Night in Lviv”
Lviv is the city where cultural life goes on till late at night…That’s why each July and November promo event “Night in Lviv” takes place offering citizens and guest of the city more than thirty night tours to museums, galleries, theatres, and various theatrical events. You will have lots of pleasure during this night!



International Folklore Festival “Etnovyr” (“Ethnowhirl”)
“The whole world heads to Lviv!” This is the motto of the annual international cultural festival “Ethnowhirl” which is the main part of Independence Day celebration in Lviv. We invite you to Lviv it this time to see unique marsh-parades, talented performers from all over the world, to taste delicious dishes at presentation of national cuisines, to dip into the strong whirl of world folklore rhythms.    

Independence Day of Ukraine
For Lviv – the city where patriotism and love to Ukraine will never fade – celebrating Independence Day of Ukraine is a very important event. Traditionally, almost all citizens and guests of the city wear embroidered shirts. Celebration includes plays, street performances, a concert.

Bread Holiday
Every year Lviv Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life gathers citizens and city guests in its premises to celebrate fragrant and aromatic “Bread Holiday” in order to save the tradition of bread honoring. This holiday gives you a chance to taste bread baked following various recipes, which have been saved by Lviv citizens from ancient times. You have a chance to participate in gay amusements and contests.

As well in August the following events are waiting for you:

  1. Brass Bands Festival (Brass Bands Parade);
  2. Week of Contemporary Art (cultural act dedicated to problems of modern art development);
  3. International Festival of Independent Cinematography “KinoLev” (contests, openings, exhibitions, film schools, presentations and many other events of cinematic art.

Festivals in LvivFestivals in LvivFestivals in Lviv

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