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Festivals in Lviv (Autumn - Winter)


As well as other months, September in Lviv is full of cultural events including:

  1. Publishers’ Forum in Lviv– this event is included in Frankfurt calendar of world international book events. A number of events are organized in terms of the Forum, including book fair, Business Forum, Libraries Forum, International Literature Festival, various contests, promo events and others.
  2. MediaDepo- the project, uniting works of modern art and digital technologies.
  3. “Vereteno” (“Spindel”) Authentic Art Festival– during this festival you can get acquainted with various customs and ceremonies, spiritual and material culture of different ethnographic regions of Ukraine. Main adorning of the festival is embroidery presentation.
  4. “Puppet World” Festival in Lviv. This festival aims to promote puppet art. During the festival puppet masters present their works icluding puppets, Teddy Bears, made following various techniques. Master classes on puppet-making will be held as well.

City Festival “To Lviv for a Coffee”Lviv

Aromatic festival called “To Lviv for a Coffee” has become the symbol of autumn Lviv. During this festival, participants compete in nomination “The Best Coffee House of the City”, Coffee Post "From Lviv with Love” provides its services, giving a chance to send a coffee post-card to any city of the world, coffee King and Queen and their cortege arrive in search for delicious coffee, fair, theatrical performances, nice music and many other entertainments are organized. Feel unique coffee atmosphere of this city!


International Theatrical Festival “Gold Lion in the Street”

This is one of the biggest theatrical events in Ukraine. Every year, during the festival “Gold Lion in the Street” the whole city turns into a theatrical stage, where you can watch plays of street theaters from different countries (Germany, Poland, Ukraine, France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Lithuania and Belarus.

«Lviv Street Art» Festival

Street art is rather popular in Lviv and it became one of the city trademarks long ago. Works and performances of street artists, graffiti painters, musicians, hand-made masters, stilt-walkers, mime artists, live sculptures and fire dancers will be presented in terms of this festival.

Lviv Festival of Ancient Music

It is a unique international festival in Ukraine, where you can listen to ancient music of different European countries. Church, secular, opera, oratorical, vocal and instrumental music is played here, various courses and consultations are offered.

International Festival of Contemporary Music “Contrasts”

Festival of Contemporary Music “Contrasts” was established in 1995, and since that time it has been unifying musicians who familiarize citizens and the city guests with wide variety of contemporary styles and genres of music.

Cheese and Wine Holiday

For three days in succession Rynok square will be meeting you with record fair of cheese and wine, various amusements, interesting contests and events, concerts, tasting of cheese and wines, celebrating “Day of Lviv Cheese Cake” and many other entertainments. During the City Holiday of cheese and wine, “Lviv Wine Post” will be working. This is the most interesting holiday for true gourmets!

As well in October coming:

Fluoroscent Art Festival «Lviv Lumines» - bright international festival of fluorescent works;

Holidayof Armyanskaya Streetone of the city streets that presented it with outstanding discoveries and names! This festival aims to save the city history, memory of distinguishing Lvovians, who are an inevitable part of Lviv cultural heritage.


Night Museum Tours in LvivLviv

This is an analog to the holiday kept in August under the title of “Night in Lviv”. An eventful night is expecting guest and citizens of Lviv which includes performances, contests, promo events, discounts, tours, street movie screening, disco in a tram and many other surprising things.

Lviv Tourist Conference “Win with Lion”is an annual international tourist conference, gathering together representatives of restaurant, hotel and tourist business, educational and museum institutions both from Ukraine and Europe.


International Festival «Jazz Bez»isone of the most famous jazz festivals in Europe uniting fans of this music style from all over the world.

Saint Nikolas Day

December, 29th is a traditional annual beginning of celebrating New Year and Christmas holidays in Lviv. Various performances, concerts, charity events, and Christmas tree opening are usually organized on this day. It is a wonderful holiday for children and their parents, who will receive pleasant surprises, in case they behaved well…

Weekend in Lviv at half-price 

After celebration of Saint Nikolas Day, promo event “Weekend in Lviv at half-price” is organized due to support of Lviv City Council and Lviv tourist business. During these days, guests and citizens of Lviv have a chance to entertain, have rest and meal with 50% discount comparing to everyday prices at the institutions participating in this event and having special marks on them.


Christmas in LvivLviv

Lviv significantly differs from other cities by its commitment to save cultural traditions of Ukrainian people, that’s why Christmas celebration is nearly the biggest and main event of the year. The city is enswathed in irresistible charm. In terms of Christmas celebration, open-air street performances are held. Main of them is called “Christmas Fairy Show”. It represents main elements of crèche. Traditional performances include “Flash of Christmas Star” festival, making Christmas stars, “Big Christmas carol” festival. Main events take place in the city center.

Lviv Christmas Fair

Having come to Christmas Fair, you feel as if you appeared in the epicenter of main Christmas holidays, which are accompanied by various events. Citizens agreeably meet guests with gay songs, sweets, warm wine, embroideries, souvenirs, presents, unrivalled articles of craftsmen (potters, cavers, blacksmiths, etc.), national clothes, carols, various New Year and Christmas amusements.   

Pampukh Festival

Each of these Lviv festivals is filled with Christmas warmth and holiday spirit! Another reason to visit Leo’s city exactly on Christmas Day is Pampukh Festival that is our favorite sweet symbol of Christmas. In the inner yard of the City Hall, you can observe in details how traditional Christmas dish is cooked, find out the story of its origin, try pampushkas of various taste and just have merry and pleasant time, take part in numerous competitions (contest of hostesses, competition for the best crèche, contest of devils and angels, contest of pampushka-eaters).


National Holiday of ChocolateLviv

It is a well-known fact that in Europe Lviv chocolate sweets are inferior only to Swiss Bern. From medieval times Lviv citizens please their guests with delicious flavor of coffee and chocolate. This year, a number of amusements will be suggested to the guests of this incredible “chocolate festival” which include fair of chocolate goods of the best specialists in this industry, wonderful master-classes of the first-rate chocolatiers, exhibition of chocolate sculptures and dresses and many other interesting events, that will present you with sweet impressions and memories. In this period romantic Lviv is especially filled with warmth, sincerity, aroma of coffee, chocolate and love. Visiting Lviv in this time will be one of the best presents to your beloved. 

So, you can see that the list of events in Lviv is rather big and you can choose a holiday program up to your taste. Visiting Lviv will surely give you unforgettable impressions!

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