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One of an integral part of prominent cultural events in Europe is Kamenets-Podolsky which is one of the oldest towns of Ukraine. Its historical past keeps a number of secrets, those are still unrevealed. Even the fact when exactly Kamenets-Podolsky was founded is still unknown. According to suggestions of some historians, the town is about 2000. They state that the town appeared at the beginning of our era. At that time it had another name: Clepidava or Petradiva, which translated from Latin «lyaps» and Greek «petra» means «a stone», and the word «dava» from Dacian means «town».

During all the period of its existence, Kamenets-Podolsk has been a very important and popular town in the life of Ukraine as well as the whole Europe. This town has unique features of architectural and landscape unity that fascinates a number of people till nowadays.

The main landmark of Kamenets-Podolsky is the Old castle – a true stone wonder, which took a number of famous and unknown at that time masters more than ten centuries to build. This unique defensive fortification became the host of natural socle, having located on the rocky island, whose banks are girded by the tight loop of Smotrich-river that makes its way through the deepest canyon.

Might and beauty of architectural structures, town fortifications in Kamanets-Podolsky, that have collected so called encyclopedia of architecture of various epochs and styles, majesty and uniqueness of natural  gifts, as well as mysterious history of the town, all these have attracted traveler for a number of centuries. One historical fact is of great interest. In distant year 1621, at the time of Ukrainian-Turkish wars, the Turkish sultan saw defensive fortifications of Kamenets and asked: «Who has built this mighty town?». And the answer was: «God himself»! Saying: «So let God conquer it»! – The Turkish sultan led his numerous army away from the town.

Nowadays, Kamenets-Podolksy haven’t lost its popularity and due to a number of festivals being held here annually started to attract even more visitors.

Such international and Ukrainian nationwide festivals as “Festival of national cultures”, “Cossack Games”, “Spear-running”, “Kamenets Rocks”, Air Balloon Festivals and many others have already become a tradition. These festivals are very popular not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also far beyond its boundaries.

Air-Balloon Festival

Since 1998, Air-Balloon Festival has been held annually. About 10-15 hot air balloons participate in the organization of this event.

Air-Balloon Festival has become so popular that now it’s held three times a year.

The first festival «Aerostatic Fiesta “February Adventures” takes place at the end of winter. Legendary “February Adventures”  will bring lots of enjoyment for those who are not afraid of severe February wind and want to see wonderful views of covered with snow town from the height.

The idea of “February Adventures” is a combination of two venturesome and extreme entertainments which are car-racing (competition of outlanders in overcoming impassibility) and ballooning (air-balloons flight). Derby teams have to cover the way defined by organizers in the shortest period of time, both on the ground and in the air. Participating teams need to coordinate their efforts really good in order to do it. Any Ukrainian can take part if he is active, desperate, and interested in adventures and sport.

Celebration of “May Days of Kamenets-Podolsky” Festival is very popular among tourists. In these days those, wishing to rise in to the sky can admire the beauty of nature and architectural ensemble from the height.

But in May days one more festival is held which is the international folk championship of air-balloons «Podolia Cup». The contest will take place for four days over this beautiful medieval town and its outskirts among 15 air-balloon crews from Ukraine and other countries. Closing of this holiday is very spectacular and impressing, it is Night start of air-balloons.

The third air-balloon festival called « Aerostatic Fiesta «Golden Omega» takes place in October. This festival is an analog to «Podolia Cup».

That’s why, if the fire of dream to air-balloon has been burning in your heart for long, Kamenets-Podolsky is exactly the place where these dreams may come true. You will never regret coming here, because your dream came true and breath-taking impressions of the flight will spark the joy that will be burning in your heart.

May Days of Kamenets-Podolsky

Every year on the third weekend of May citizens of Kamenets-Podolsky celebrate the main holiday of their town –«May Days of Kamenets-Podolsky» festival. These days are full of various events – traditional parade along the town streets, lots of theatrical performances on the territory of the Old Fortress, tilting, exhibitions, competitions, air-ballooning, street concerts and many others.

 «PortaTemporis» Festival

International historical festival «PortaTemporis» will once again rouse with its force, its performances the whole Kamenets-Podolsky. The holiday takes place during May Days in Kamenets.

«PortaTemporis» Festival is a unique theatrical stage, on which beauty of natural landscapes of Kamenets-Podolsky, greatness and excellence of war-engineering design are harmoniously combined, as well as well-trained participants, who came here from different European countries, appearance on European portals, incredible attention of Ukrainian media and what is the most important, thousands of happy and grateful spectators.

This festival is aimed to restore unique hydrotechnical monument of Kamenets-Podolsky «Rus Gate», located in canyonof the Smotrych-river and revive ancient traditions of Ukrainian folk due to deep penetration in historical past of the state, realization of heroic history of Podolia region. Festival’s motto is «Avetempus! Avehomo! AvePodolia!» which means «Blessed time! Blessed human! Blessed Podolia!»

 «PortaTemporis» Festival is based on historical events in Kamenets-Podolsky that took place in times of Grand Duchy of Lithuania ruling here. That’s why Lithuania is one of organizers of this festival.

For three days lots of historical events will be moving in the sight of visitors of International Historical festival «PortaTemporis», including war attack of fortification «Rus Gate», contest of the best archers, reconstruction of a military camp and medieval  craft guilds, performances of street theatres and amazing laser-light show, tightly connected to Medieval  themes, unique fire-show performances, Medieval music will be heard everywhere (music pieces of XIV-XVcenturies), everyone will also have a chance to take part in choreography master-classes.

As a reminder of exciting historical festival «PortaTemporis» in Kamenets-Podolsky, guests of the town can buy various small gifts, such as souvenir certificates in form of a scroll, stylish balls, note-books, calendars and many others. These souvenirs will become one more pleasant memory about «Gates of Time» taking you to the distant Grand Duchy of Lithuania in your imagination.

 «The Last Capital» Festival

On the Independence Day of Ukraine Old town, Kamenets-Podolk, hospitably invites everyone to visit festival «The Last Capital». Its main topic is Kamenets epoch of UPR.

«The Last Capital» festival is another war-historical reconstruction in honor of dramatic events of 1919, recollection of heroic past of the town in this period. In 1919 Kamenets-Podolskiy was called the capital of Ukrainian People’s Republic for a short period of time.

Agenda of this festival is filled with spectacular event in Old Town. Battle-historical and memorial events are full of authentic details. They widely open to the public all subtleties of military art, especially of military tactics, arms, war outfit, uniform and everyday life, peculiar for UPR army. On this day our ancestors are honored in special, bright, vivid forms. Though they had different ideological views and fought under different colors, everyone tried to protect our nation’s right for future in their own way.

«Respublika» Festival

Kamenets-Podolsk is well-known in the world not only as war-historical town but as an admirer of musical art as well. One of main festivals of Kamenets-Podolsk is music festival «Respublika», annually held in the middle of September on the territory of New and Old Town of Kamenets.

Several stages are installed in the town, where modern street art boils for three days in all its movements, including dancing, music, photography, poetry, and painting. Talented young people from Russia, Poland, Belorussia, Spain and Ukraine participate in this festival.

International festival «Re$publikaAnti-Moneyfest» is a modern anti-commercial art festival. Organizers of this festival event see its main goal in drawing attention to cultural and social problems not only in small towns but in the whole country, and in filling streets of town with modern music, poetry, dances and paintings. Festival «Respublika» is a full-rate self-sufficient project, that demonstrates and proves to a number of people, that true art product of high quality is created also in small towns, in provinces, and not only in the Capital.

International music festival «Respublika» is three days of modern music and street-art.

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