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Festival of medieval culture "Silver Tatosh"

Travel back in time? Do not be surprised, everything is possible!

Transcarpathian fabulous Pegasus Tatosh gladly will take you to their silver wings of the mystical and magical Middle Ages, a time when the fate of people, cities and nations was solved on the battlefield where brave knights crossed swords in the name of eternal values?: freedom, honor, dignity and love.


At the mention of the Middle Ages in the mind of modern people emerge courageous knights clad in armor, magical lady in beautiful dresses, mysterious rituals and spectacular jousting tournaments. All this and much more, you have the unique opportunity to see at the International Festival of medieval culture "Silver Tatosh", the second time will be held in the picturesque Castle St. Miklosh in the village Chinadievo in the Carpathian region, Ukraine.


What you see and in what you can take part? The atmosphere of the medieval era provide an opportunity: to see firsthand jousting tournaments, group and single fights with swords, battle axes and halberds, learn to dance the medieval dances, shoot with bows and crossbows, try inherent in that era food and drink, and enjoy a game of musical groups. You will be delighted by the night fire show and tour through the halls of the old castle completes the full picture and romantic time on festival and the sound of swords. Finally, just a wonderful vacation for you provide the knights, dance and music groups from Ukraine, Slovakia, and Hungary.

When? May 18-19, 2013.

Do not miss your chance to go on an exciting journey through time.
"Silver Tatosh" is waiting for you!

Photo by: Juraj Korpa and Anna Yakovenko

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