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English-speaking camp at Black SEA "KAKADU", CRIMEA


31.05 - 20.06.14
04.06 - 20.06.14
21.06 - 07.07.14
08.07 - 24.07.14
25.07 - 10.08.14
11.08 - 27.08.14

Price: from 7 400 UAH

Location: Crimea, Evpatoria, village Zaozernoye, Alley of Ddruzhbi, 29

17 or 21 days

Age category: 7 - 16 years


Beautiful park area (4 ha), summer cinema, indoor cinema, dance floor, equipped with its own sandy beach, soccer field, sports grounds to play volleyball, basketball, florbol, and children’s playground, computer class online training, a video, libraries, pavilions, dining, outdoor cafe (with a wide assortment of drinks and ice cream). Safe - in the administration. Works gift shop. The area is fenced and guarded.

Two outdoor pools with modern purification system (child-size 9 x 6 m, depth 0,90 - 1,2 m for older children - size 12 x 22 m, depth 1 - 2 m).


1.Sport: football, volleyball, streetball, florbol, aerobics, swimming training, yoga, tennis, checkers, chess

2.Art clubs: beading, origami, creative studio, painting

Dancing: contemporary choreography, ballroom dancing, chirlidinh, aerobics

4.Muzychni: vocals, DJ school, studio guitar, karaoke

Theatrical: designers, actors, directors, make-up artist, wardrobe

6.Pres Center: journalism, studio, design, layout, photo

The curriculum in the English surroundings

1 - every morning and in the evening communion with the transmitter of language on English;
2 - in the groups of intercourse and studies in English language (at the head of group
is a transmitter of language);
3 - is communion on-line with children from the countries of Europe;
4 - daily 45-minute studies in a cabinet.


Three-storeyed corps with balconies, for 6 persons in a room. On a block there is a hall with furnitures and television set, 6 showers, 6 rest rooms, ironing board and iron. Water: cold permanent, hot after a chart ( 7.00-9.30  and 19.00-22.30)


Breakfast, dinner, supper, is the Swedish table + fruit + evening tea. In a menu valuable, balanced 5-valid for one occasion feed. Variety of foods, vegetables, fruit.
Drinkable mode: in a dining-room are capacity with the, cleared drinking-water of trade mark "Acco" (Baidarska valley).


Crimea, the city of Evpatoria, Mr. Zaozernoe, Friendship Alley, 29

Railway package Kiev - Krimea - Kiev includes
(750 UAH per child):

  • Organized delivery of the child in the camp by train (reserved seat, coupe);
  • Shuttle bus (train station - the camp and back);
  • Bed linen in a train;
  • Roads rations for the return journey;
  • Support at the trip, including health;
  • Control the transfer of documents on arrival and departure.


044 383 32 78 or 067 444 01 90 (or online application)