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House with Chimeras "

House with Chimeras is unique and charming building, decorated with a variety of mythological miniatures. This house - Color is one of the main Kiev architecture.

House is built in the Art Nouveau style. The building itself had been performing during the three year period from 1901 to 1903 and was run by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky, though  all  the extraordinary sculptural decorations belong to fabulous Milanese sculptor Elio Sala, based on sketches by Gorodetsky. Legend tells that Gorodetsky built this house in honor of his daughter who drowned in the Dnieper because of love. Then heartbroken father built this crypt in memory of his child. But all the evidences suggest that daughter of the famous architect lived to old age and waited grandchildren. Most likely, this legend invented in order to attract tourists to this facility. According to another version (which is most likely true), Gorodetsky built the House according to bet – every  next floor, therefore, had been built with funds received from the previous one.

All exterior trim is in the beauty of thumbnails that characterize animals of underwater and aerial worlds and extraordinary fairytale characters. The facades and columns have different miniatures placed into. For example, columns are decorated with deer heads, and fencing fight scene between defenseless eagle and the mighty lion. In walls there are embedded giant heads of animals: elephants, rhinos, antelopes, crocodiles. Place on stone pillars belongs to lizards. On the roof architect endeared giant frogs and mythical sea monsters. All these splendid creatures have on their heads fantastic flowers, leaves, various chains instead of hair.

The interior is based on the fanciful art paintings, stucco and carved decorations. All that hunting modeled miniatures, which were located along the stairs are apparently captures the sight of tourists. On the walls everywhere can be seen friezes of exotic plants, flowers and fruits (pineapples are most common), among which depicts giant, powerful skulls of deer and elk. Very often there are real hunting paraphernalia: giant horns, terrible skulls and various stuffed. Right at the entrance visitors are scared by the kraken. And in the center of the room there is a lamp. It’s performed in the shape of two huge fish that raised their tails up. They are wrapped by sea and ocean seaweed and lotus flowers. On the walls are hang beautiful ceilings, decorated with fruit: grapes, pineapple colorful flowers and algae. Outlets for lampshades are made in the shape of starfish.

Interior House, unfortunately, is not available to a wide range of visitors, but even one-minute overview of the building from the outside is worth a trip to Kyiv!

by Ostap Ukrainets

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