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Child rest in Ukraine and abroad 2017.

Children’s holiday near Kyiv

Children’s holiday in the Carpathian

Child rest of VIP level in Crimea

Child rest of Economy level

Summer camp in Bulgaria

       Childhood seems to be such a carefree time, so easy and beautiful. But in this period, all human life laid it foundation. And because it is very important, what your children will be remembered about their childhood, which laid the foundation of personality will be.

       All human life is not just for hard work and growth over the other, but also to relax, enjoys spending time. It is important that your child gets the best of everything, and his attitude was filled with joy and love to the world.

       Children's holiday - this is important and a lot that can give a parent to the child. This is memories of holidays, on vacations with their peers. The magnificence of nature, sensitive leaders and educators, communication - it's all laid communication skills, and leaves pleasant memories of childhood. So, the whole subsequent life will be more active, more joyful, less problems will arise and the difficulties will not develop the identity of inhibitory complexes.

       Have you ever been in the Carpathian Mountains? If yes, certainly not without admiration for the magnificence of the mountains and remember the healing air. The whole atmosphere is filled with health and do not give deteriorate a person by the pressure of the eternal city.

     Give your child a children's holiday in the Carpathian Mountains, bring to mind the greatness of his primordial nature, which teaches and courage, and soothes and heals and just incredibly happy.

       Children's camp, which offers "Anga Travel" for the rest of your children are protected in the Carpathian areas. Ecology of this area is good. The air itself is healing. In addition to the factors of nature, there are also excellent conditions in terms of comfort. Premises camps are comfortable and built to meet the needs of children.

     The benevolent and experienced teachers, teachers of physical training, trainer, and medical staff are also an important factor in creating a full and harmonious development of children spending time.

        All kinds of contests, competitions will not be bored for a minute baby.

      It is worth mentioning, and children's rest on the sea. Of course, how can you imagine summer without the sea?

        Sunny days, seas spray - these are the moments that stay with us throughout life, and my heart every time speaks about it with joy.

      Outdoor games under the guidance of experienced coaches and counselors will help your child feel the team spirit and team interaction. With no doubt come in handy every adult who lives a successful and happy life.

        Our tour operator "Anga Travel" prepared for your children the best holiday in the Crimea. A variety of children's activities will delight and pleasure to you and your child.

     Health, safety and good spirits of every child - that's what is really needed and it is important to us, and teachers-leaders who are engaged in each of the camps that we offer.
Children's activities have a good order of day, in the camps in the Crimea. Rest with the harmony and the activity.

        Happy and friendly atmosphere, the disclosure of talents and abilities of the child - you'll be delighted with how your child will be transformed. After all, healthy, full of life and joy, an active and creative child - it's a real pride of their parents.

        Do not miss the chance to fill a child's life with bright colors experiences and discoveries with the rest of the children, "Anga Travel"!

Author Horostovska Natalia (Aranrut)

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