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Children's camp in the Carpathian Mountains on the winter rest.
Children's camp. Children's rest and
Children's camps in Ukraine for the winter holidays.




Tourist operator in Ukraine "ANGA Travel" with
the child Scout Organization "PLAI"
begins to set children in winter camp "Carpathian Adventures"!!!

      Remember that pre-prepared and collected the child can get the most out of the trip to the camp. It will be much more comfortable during the transfer and stay in a winter camp.
     Should pay attention to the weather of the region, where the child will rest in the winter. Most often, mountain and woodland more cool and wet than the usual climate of the city. Given the competent selection of things a child and teenager in the camp for the winter, your child will be most pleased and grateful to you for a memorable and comfortable stay during children's winter vacation.

044 383 32 78 or 067 444 01 90 (or online application)

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