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Best Ukrainian landscape parks

Best Ukrainian landscape parks

Uman, landscape park Sophia Uman, landscape park Sophia, angel Uman, landscape park Sophia

Uman, landscape park "Sophia"

We propose a fascinating trip to Sophia Park, which is located in the old town Uman, the Cherkassy region and is a wonderful creation masterpiece of landscape art from the end of XVIII – the beginning of XIX centuries.

Sophia is the Best Ukrainian landscape park State park with covers an area of more than 170 hectares and is a model of landscape park composition of water, land, architectural works and sculptures. This picturesque area is known as a fairy-land - everything here is unusual andBest Ukrainian landscape parks perfect. Here you will find an English park, where there is a fine collection of plants from around the world and also cascades of lakes and waterfalls. You will be fascinated by breathtaking scenery, numerous fountains, artificial grottoes and exquisite sculptures of ancient gods and goddesses.

In the depths of this unique park with its artificially created river you can relax. This park is widely known as in Ukraine and abroad.

After an exciting excursion you can ride by underground boat along the tunnels of river Aherot (includes 25 places). Also, you will be able to ride on the lake. You can ride on the electric car (includes 8-10 places), as well as in the original carriages with horses (includes 5 places) it will be finish of your amazing trip.

The departure of the tour to Uman can begin at 8 am. It takes about 2-3 hours to get to Uman. The excursions and same entertainment take about 4 hours. There is restaurant near the park where you can have a meal after the tour around the park. After  that, you can to return to Kiev by comfortable bus.

Tour to the landscape park "Sophia": Uman - Dendrological Park "Sofiyivka"

Bila Tserkva, landscape park Alexandria Bila Tserkva, landscape park Alexandria, swan Bila Tserkva, landscape park Alexandria

Bila Tserkva, landscape park "Alexandria"

The town Bila Tserkva was founded by Yaroslav the Wise and was originally named his Christian name - Yuriyiv. Later, the town became known as Bila Tserkva. It is believed that this name has began from an old times, from that time the walls of the church started to beBila Tserkva, landscape park Alexandria, china whitewash firstly.

According guides, the main attraction of the plece is an old mansion of Branitski, one of the richest Polish families, with the hugest landscape park in Ukraine - Alexandria. Therefore, we offer you to visit many beautiful places of this park and personally verify this. There are many beautiful places where you can walk.

Alexandria... At the end of XVIIIth century a Polish king Stanislaw August presented this town to the Grand Hetman of Poland - Ksaveri Branytski. Soon, the favourite wife of the hetman became a chamber-maid of the Empress Catherine IInd, a niece of His Serene Highness Prince Potemkin - Alexander Engelhard. On their own lands, on the banks of the river Ros, the Countess decided to create a park, with sophisticated and became fashionable at the time. This garden imitation loked the parks like in St. Petersburg at that time...

Author Julia Salyuk

Tour to the landscape park "Alexandria":