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Visiting any big city, you can not sit whole day in a hotel room. But wander the streets - is not an option. The purpose of tourism is to have fun, but in order to entertain properly you should know where to do so. Dolphinarium "Nemo" in the metro station "Exhibition Center" offers residents and guests excellent opportunity to break from the daily routine troubles and excursions, and to relax with dolphins.

One of the best European dolphinariums gives visitors the opportunity to experience several wonderful hours in the company of sea creatures during the show, which is deservedly considered one of the best for rest and relaxation. First of all, Dolphinarium - it's not just dolphins, though paradoxically it sounds. You should better come beforehand, because then you will be able to spend out some time visiting a local terrarium. It presents a beautiful collection of exotic animals from around the world, from rodents to snakes and the frogs to spiders. It offers two beautiful rooms in its aquariums so that you can watch the inhabitants of tropical forests and water in almost their natural environment, see snakes hanging from the branches of trees, fish swimming between roots and crocodiles, waiting for prey in the bamboo thickets.

Dolphin shows has no age restrictions and will be equally interesting for both children and their parents. Watching dolphins insanely playing fun games gives extreme fun regardless of age and preferences, as it is incredibly invigorating and can cheer even people with the worst mood. Dolphins behave as if specifically want to please the audience, because their games, as well as tricks of fur seals and sea lions will not leave anyone indifferent.

Besides the usual, daily show, there is a night - designed for couples who want to spend a romantic evening, immersed in the atmosphere of the sea. Applications are shown up according to their purpose, so the evening shows can not meet dolphins games for which people visit daily performances. Their essence is in "moonlight" dancing dolphins in frosted blue rays and in creation of the most romantic atmosphere.

In addition, the dolphinarium "Nemo" gives an ability to swim in the pool with the dolphins. It is not only a wonderful new experience, but, as doctors say, very relaxing and soothing practice. Hardly a hike to the Dolphinarium (especially if it is the first trip of your life) is that what one should deny himself. On the contrary - Dolphinarium "Nemo" is the place you should to visit almost mandatory.

by Ostap Ukrainets