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Sightseeing in Istambul



Istanbul is the largest city, an important seaport, industrial and commercial and cultural center of Turkey. It is situated in hilly terrain on both banks of the Bosporus from the Marmara and Black seas, it is the only city in the world, lying on two continents - Asia and Europe. Golden Horn Bay conventionally divides the European half of the city into two parts. Eminonu (Old Town) is situated on a peninsula to the south of the bay and largely preserved medieval appearance. Beyoglu (New Town) to the north of the entrance to the Golden Horn is from the commercial port area Karakoy (formerly Galata) and the business and cultural center of Beyo?lu (formerly Pera). The Asian part of the city Uskyudar - is villas on the coast of the Marble sea in a district Moda and large soldiery barracks. Parts of the city are related to each other ferries and bridges. The city survived many interesting architectural monuments, built during the Roman and Byzantine in the period of Ottoman rule.

Tourists in Istanbul should watch after  their belongings, especially in crowded places. Men should behave politely towards local women do not try to flirt with them, as well as photographs without permission. Girl’s best not to dress too openly. On internal streets of Istanbul, especially in the old town, is not recommended to go for a walk.

The climate in Istanbul is soft, but variable. The sky is often cloudy. The average January temperature +3 .. +9 ° C, August +20 .. +29 ° C.

To bathe in the city is not recommended - despite the fact that the beaches are there. Those who wish to swim is best to go to the Princes’ Islands or in the area Kumburgaz-Silivri (Marmara Sea).  Those Beaches with the sand.

Istanbul considered unofficial capital of shopping. His famous "shopping mall" - Laleli district, which consisted entirely of shops offering a variety of goods, mainly textiles and leather. Prices there - more than moderate.
Covered Market ("Grand Bazaar") - a kind of "city within a city", which spreads on 50 streets and includes 4 400 shops, 40 shops commercial trade , shops and cafes. "Grand Bazaar" - the best place to buy souvenirs, antiques and gold.
Egyptian Bazaar "specialize" in spices, coffee, sweets and flowers. Mode of work: Monday-Friday 8:00-19:00, Saturday 8:00-14:00.
Book Bazaar ("Sahaflar Charshysy") - a small market of used and antiquarian books, where you can find any kind of publishing: from the classics of Marxism to the Turkish translations of the Koran. Open from 8:00 to 19:00 every day except Sunday. In addition to traditional markets and bazaars in Istanbul has many modern shopping centers, where well represented leading global brands, and they cost much less than in other cities.

What to do in Istanbul

  • Tower of Galata

From the observation platform Galata Tower Istanbul’s historical center is seen as the palm. It is situated on a hill on the shore of Golden Horn Bay.

  • Eat fish

Best fish in the area of Anadolu. This small fishing village, all the dishes - from fresh fish.

  • Relax in the Princes’ Islands

Princes’ Islands - a popular place for a beach holiday for citizens and tourists. An atmosphere on islands is very quiet, that allows fully to keep away from the bustle of metropolis.

  • Ride on the Bosporus

"If you have not seen the Bosphorus, then you have not been in Istanbul" - it will confirm this effect. I recommend choosing to travel on weekdays from 15 to 18 hours (smaller groups of tourists). It is necessarily needed to look at connection of Black and Marble seas.

  • Find the edge of Europe

Istanbul - a city on two continents. Walk along the Bosphorus from Bebek to Kurucheshme, go to the coffee shop, drink wine, admire on a channel. It is the most bigest extreme point of Europe.

  • Make a wish looking in to the eyes of Jelly-fish the Gorgon

Located near the Blue Mosque Erebatan-Saray one of the binding sites for tourists. A huge underground storage of water, hundreds of marble columns, next to one of which must make a wish (comes true, it is checked). For Support the heads of Jelly-fish serve two columns.

  • Find Paris

Cezayir Sokak - you can find the differences with the Paris streets! Cafes, gas lights, geraniums - not difficult to confuse with the old French streets.

  • To make a mistake with Asia and Europe

Strangely enough, but the best European shops is in the Asian part of the city.

  •   The most famous myth

Holland is not the birthplace of tulips, they were brought them from the Ottoman Empire. The abundance of tulips you see in the old town, if you want to buy tulips, please do not go to the flower market (Cicek Pazari) - there is for sale all except for flowers.

  • To drive sail

Taking a few lessons, you can ride on the Bosporus on a yacht, independently or with the participation of the team.

  •  Do not go shopping at the bazaar

Do not go behind the big shopping at Kapali Carci the price extremely inflated. However, the building itself and the atmosphere of the market will at some time to move you in times of the Ottomans.

List of excursions which it is possible can be order on arrival to Istambul:

1. Imperial Tour (am) Price *: 85 USD

The tour program, visit the Hippodrome, the center of political and sporting events of ancient Byzantium, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet), known by original ornamental ceramics and 6 minarets, as well as the magnificent Byzantine Church of Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya). Duration: from 08.30 to 13.30.

2. Tour "Wonders of the Ottoman Empire" (afternoon) Price *: 85 USD

A visit to the residence of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi Palace. Also you can visit the Imperial arsenal of weapons times of the Ottoman Empire Topkapi Palace is closed on Tues. Duration: from 13.30 to 17.30

3. Full sightseeing tour (combined 1 and 2 days tour, incl. Dinner) Price *: 165 USD

Visiting the Hippodrome, the center of political and sports events of ancient Byzantium, the Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet), known by original ornamental ceramics and 6 minarets, and a visit to the magnificent Byzantine Church of Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya). After lunch you will visit the residence of the rulers of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi Palace. Also you can visit the Imperial arsenal of weapons times of the Ottoman Empire
Duration: from 08.30 to 17.30.

4. Cruise on the Bosphorus (am) Price *: 85 USD

Includes a short walk to the Egyptian market, built in the 17 th century (closed on Sun), and an unforgettable journey between two continents, Europe and Asia.
Duration: from 08.30 to 13.30

5. Tour of the Asian part (second half of the day, except Mon and Tues) Price *: 85 USD

Exciting trip to the Asian side of Istanbul on the intercontinental Bosphorus Bridge.
Duration: from 13.30 to 17.30.

6. Cruise on the Bosphorus and the Asian tour of the city (combined 4 and 5 round, incl. Dinner
except Mon and Wed) Price *: 165 USD

Includes a short stroll to the Egyptian market (closed on Sun) and the unforgettable journey between two continents, Europe and Asia. And after dinner, an exciting trip on the Asian side of Istanbul on the intercontinental Bosphorus Bridge.
Duration: from 08.30 to 17.30

7. Istanbul by Night (dinner at one of the clubs) Price *: 90 USD

After a brief trip you coming in an exclusive nightclub, where skilled chefs Turkish again surprise you with their skill. After dinner - the traditional folk dances in Anatolia, belly dancing and the performance of Turkish artists. Duration: from 20.00 to 23.30

8. Trip to Bursa, first capital of the Ottoman Empire (full day, incl. Lunch on Mon, Thu, Sat)  Price *: 125 USD

Stopping the ferry in the town of Yalova. Then visit the Green Mosque, Green Mausoleum and the Great Mosque. After lunch in a cozy restaurant visit the old Silk market, then climb up the cable car to the city of Uludag, which offers a magnificent panorama of the city. Then drive out of the city, in one of the oldest settlements, dating to the early Ottoman period.
Duration: from 07.00 to 21.00.
Children under 3 years old - free
Children from 3 to 6 years - 50% discount

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