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Child’s camp "Black sea ATLANTA"

"Black sea Atlanta" is child’s turn which is elected by active children

During the trip children can lay hands on such skills which are difficult to learn in civilization


Stage I


First six days child’s turn "Black sea Atlanta" will pass on a base named by Mokrousov. A complex is located on the north side of Sevastopol in the resort settlement of . Enormous green territory, own remarkable sandy beach. A base is surrounded by vineyards and plantations of lavender.

Day 1 Arrival on the base of the name by Mokrousov, placing, acquaintances, solemn handing of sport shirts and reward ribbons. Disco!

Day 2 The Sandy beach, marine entertainments are expect! Team - building is science to live in a command! We will study to it on the first stage, that the
followings passed concertedly.

Day 3 Bathings at the sea and three directions of the cycle racing are "Novices", "Experienced biker", "Expert". Evening measures!

Day 4 And again bathing. A hike is on a 35th battery. It is possible to dance in the evening to look the cinema, or begin to sing in karaoke.

Day 5 Marine entertainments. Bases of dertdzhampinh! Survey excursion on Sevastopol (historical center) with a walk on a cutter. Evening measures

Day 6 Entertainment at the sea, marine relay race, handing of marks-differences for the first stage of turn. Oh 16:00 move in a tourist campsite in village Falcon

Placing - in cottages 3th, 4th person numbers. In a number there are a washstand, rest room, shower from the sun heating. A water-supply is cold water twenty-four-hour, hot - from the sun heating, and from boilers in shower-bath alongside with cottages.
Food - 4 times a day, complex in the own dining-room of base.

Stage II


On the second week the already joined command moves to central mountain part of Crimea. Namely, in a settlement Falcon (Bakhchisarai district). Here for a residence there are one-story cottages and two-storeyed corps, and also pleasant  territory with comfortable arbours and river!

Day 7 Immersion is in the romantic atmosphere of life in mountains! Acquaintance with territory, with new instructors, with the program and with accident prevention. Playing training.

Day 8 Beginning of course "school of survival" is tourism basics, overcoming of tourist stripe of obstacles. Evening disco!

Day 9 the Command games, is a strategic game of "Fascination of flag"! Entertaining game " One in the field is a warrior"!.

Day 10 Continuation of course of "school of survival" is quest "Treasures of Atlants". And in the evening is "Mr. Atlante"! Disco.

Day 11 Hike to the waterfall the "Silver streams", night at a fire with baking of potato and sausages!

Day 12 Fishing, with preparation of the caught fish on a fire. Solemn handing of marks-differences - for the second stage of turn! After dinner is a move in the professional center of the submarine swimming "Shelf".

Placing is one-story summer cottages and two-storeyed corps. 4 person at the room, comforts in a corps and on territory. A water-supply is cold water constantly, hot after a chart.
Food will be 5 time a day, various and delicious in the own dining-room of base.

Stage III


The third round of the week held in Sudak (Cape Frenchwoman), east coast of Crimea, professional children diving center  "Shelf". Alongside are: cafe, sporting grounds, wardroom, altitude chamber, medicare, own boat. Beach - finely pebble, located in 50th meters from a corps.

Day 13 the Medical review. Detailed instructing. Acquaintance from special by an equipment for immersions. Performances of professional divers. Disco.

Day 14 First immersions. A move is in bays on a cutter. , cinemashows.

Day 15 Immersion is in bays in Sudak. Sending on a cutter "Shelf". In the evening is "Miss of Atlanta".

Day 16 Saint Neptune. Immersion is in the bays of the New World. Dedication is in divers. Disco.

Day 17 Immersion in bays "Ship-way", "Alchak". Solemn rewarding of winners of the third stage and rewarding of the strongest Atlant of change, handing of valuable gift to the winner, festive firework.

Day 18 Farewell with a sea, departure.

Placing  - lithoidal 2th superficial housing corps (building of 2008), numbers for 4 person, in a room there are 2 two-tier beds, 2 closets, all of good value in 20 meters from a corps (on territory).
Food - 5 times a day increased, in the own dining-room of center.

Railway package Kiev - Krimea - Kiev includes:

  • Organized delivery of the child in the camp by train (reserved seat, coupe);
  • Shuttle bus (train station - the camp and back);
  • Bed linen in a train;
  • Roads rations for the return journey;
  • Support at the trip, including health;
  • Control the transfer of documents on arrival and departure.

Arrival days to the camp  for 2011

Check-in Price (UAH/Child) Period
04.06-20.06 4 800 17
21.06-07.07 5 800 17
08.07-24.07 5 900 17
25.07-10.08 5 800 17
11.08-27.08 5 320 17

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