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On our site you have probably seen a lot of information about Slovakia is an interesting article about the resorts and attractions of this country, the Slovak Republic, its history, about the fascinating tours and excursions in Slovakia and more. We were incredibly pleased when our efforts, time and effort spent on training interesting and useful information for our favorite customers, not wasted. But we understand that many prefer brevity is the soul of wit! And I want to know briefly about the most main attractions, events, characters of a particular country, which is inseparably connected with it and which is worth to see. So this article focuses on Slovakia.

"Why Slovakia?" - You may ask.

1)      The Spis Castle

Why Slovakia?Spis Castle is a magnificent historical and architectural heritage of Slovakia, its true pride and character. In one of the picturesque Slovak cities - Spis - you can see the magnificent castle, in fact the whole castle, which was built in the late XII - early XIII centuries. Spis castle is the largest medieval castle, not only in Slovakia, but also in the whole Central Europe. Next to this medieval defensive Outpost is the Church of Zehra village, built in the XIII century, Spis’ Capitula - medieval residence of the Slovak bishops. All together three buildings create a magnificent architectural ensemble, seeing which you can at some time be transferred in the distant middle ages. Spis Castle is listed in the List of World architectural heritage.

2) The Queen of Slovak caves

Why Slovakia?As many people already know, probably, Slovakia is a country with a lot of not only architectural and natural attractions. Among the major natural wonders of Slovakia are caves, of which there are many in quantity and varieties. The most popular among Slovak caves is the Dobshinsk ice cave, which is often called the Queen of all Slovak caves. The Dobshinsk cave is a unique natural phenomenon, which is also listed as a World heritage site by UNESCO. It is located on the territory of the National Park Slovak Paradise. Almost a whole year the walls of the Dobshinsk of the cave is covered with ice. And apparently this ice miracle creates a fabulous atmosphere, as in the Palace of the Snow Queen from the world famous tale, K. Andersen. Visit the Dobshinsk cave in the period from mid-May to early October.


3) Wine Slovakia

Why Slovakia?Winemaking in this country started long ago and has a long history and tradition. Slovak wines are very popular all over the world. By the way, recently Slovakia managed to defend the right together with Hungary to call their Tokay’s wine. So you know that the famous fine Tokay wines can be found not only in Hungary, but also in its neighboring country – Slovakia




4) The most famous SlovakWhy Slovakia?

Well, everyone knows this, probably everyone! The legendary Andy Warhol is a Man with a capital letter, Slovak, who was born in Slovakia, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century and, of course, the father of the pop art movement!




5) Music and SlovakiaWhy Slovakia?

In the music industry Slovakia known largely due to this Opera celebrity world level, as Peter Dvorsky. Even the legendary Luciano Pavarotti called Peter Dvorsky your receiver!




6) Sports and Slovakia

Why Slovakia?Sports party popularity Slovakia is inextricably linked with the world renowned national team player Slovaks and club of the National hockey League Los Angeles kings - Sigmund Palffy. He is considered the national pride of Slovakia, who during his career was the world champion and his team received a silver prize in the world hockey championship. The Sigmund Palffy has been repeatedly awarded the title of one of the best players in the National hockey League in Slovakia. Three times Sigmund Palffy participated in the games called "All Stars".'


7) Souvenirs and gifts from Slovakia

Why Slovakia?Visiting new countries, we are always looking for yourself, family and friends gifts and Souvenirs that represent this country and left in the memories of the last trip. What can you bring from Slovakia? On here you can tell a lot! One of the most popular Souvenirs from Slovakia is supolka - doll supolka, bags of wool of local production, bells, and national clothes. Many Souvenirs and gifts from Slovakia is closely associated with rural crafts, because Slovakia is a country which, before our time very well developed rural traditions. Very often tourists as Souvenirs and gifts from Slovakia buy musical instruments, wooden figurines, pottery.

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