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Sphere of ski tourism in the Carpathian Mountains has been rapidly developing for several recent decades. The number of tourists is rising year by year. Both winter and summer tourism are developing. However, winter holidays remain more popular, as prices in the Carpathian resorts are much lower than in foreign ones, at the same time quality of provided services is almost on the same level.Carpathians

As winter is coming, every fan of winter sport starts to think over where exactly to go, which resort to choose. The Carpathians are a true treasury of ski resorts and complexes. Everyone has one’s own choice criteria. It would be wrong to suggest one resort, so in this article we will try to provide you with a short but rather unbiased evaluation of the most famous ski resorts in Ukraine, taking into consideration such basic criteria as price, infrastructure, accommodation, meals, and quality of chairlifts and ski slopes, weather conditions.

So, the list of the best ski resorts of Ukraine is headed by Bukovel, Dragobrat and Slavsko. Exactly about them we are going to tell you.

Bucovel Bucovel is the landmark of the Carpathian Mountains. Bukovel is the biggest among all the ski resorts and it has the most developed infrastructure of high quality. This resort has 15 modern qualitative lifts (1 T-bar and 14 chair-lifts), more than 50 km of modern trails of various difficulty levels, whose quality is order of magnitude greater than of Bukovel’s competitors. Two central lifts are well-lighted which gives a chance to ski, sledge and snowboard even in the evening. Snow season in Bukovel lasts from December till April. There are special cannons on the territory of the ski resort enabling to prolong the ski season. A wide range of comfortable hotels, cottages, restaurants, cafés and many other places will ensure your unforgettable holidays. Service quality in Bukovel is rather high. Consequently, a corresponding price should be paid for high quality of provided services.

DragobratDragobrat. Main peculiarity of this resort is longer period of ski season that lasts from November till May due to its altitude and appropriate weather. Dragobrat has 1 chair-lift and 8 T-bars. Comparing to other resorts, Dragobrat has much more snow. Prices on accommodation, meals, skiing, sledging and snowboarding are much lower than in Bukovel. However, Dragobrat has its disadvantages though they are not so significant. Trails of Dragobrat are steeper and demand more advanced skiing skills. They are less prepared than in Bukovel. Meals are really good, but there are not enough “kolybas” and restaurants, so sometimes you have to wait in a queue. However, year by year these minuses are eliminated, and service quality and prices are changing as well.

SlavskoSlavsko. Among all the Carpathian ski resorts that are really worth attention Slavsko has the most reasonable prices on winter holidays. On the other hand, due to its low cost the resort is always overcrowded. At weekends, a lot of holiday-makers from neighboring regions or fans of weekend-tours come here. On the territory of Slavsko you will find 11 modern lifts and more than 20 trails most part of which is aimed at beginners. Comparing to Bukovel and Dragobrat, accommodation and meals prices in Slavsko are much lower.

Which criterion is most important for you while choosing a resort? Absolutely personal. Steepness of trails, service quality, delicious cuisine, prices – everyone can choose. But remember that spending winter holidays in the Carpathians is one of the best options for your rest.    

Author Marina Melnichenko

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