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interesting about Odesa region

BILHOROD-DNISTROVSKYI - take a fourth place in population among the cities of Odessa region., after Odessa, Izmail and Illichevsk.

After traveling only 85 km from Odessa highway will take you to one of the first Greek colony on the northern Black Sea region - the city of Tyre (IV century BC)

Would you like to have unforgettable and interesting rest? Do you want to touch history and magnificence of ancient times warmed by the sun and cherished by the sea? If so, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy is your right choice!

Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy is considered to be one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. By the way, this city belongs to ten the most ancient cities in the world, along with Rome and Athens. Its pearl is Ackerman (from Turkish - White) fortress. This fortress is the biggest and the best kept in Ukraine, at the same time it is a unique monument of defense architecture of 13th -15th centuries. Two-kilometer walls, fosses - all these serve as a worthy example of the secure stronghold. places of interest in Odessa region and Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy

The fortress impresses with its majesty which you can feel approaching its walls which are preserved from Middle Ages and are in astonishingly good condition. Having entered through the fortress gates, you can see a civil yard, where there are springhalt’s, canons, and other siege guns, a throne, shooting-ranges for arbalesters, exhibition of torture instruments, minaret, wardrobe department for thematic photo sessions and many others. The fortress can be observed for endless time, as far as it is rather big: its total area is about nine hectare; it includes a citadel, garrison yard, civil yard, harbor yard, towers, each of them having its own history and legends.

Every year music and historical festivals take place here which attracts even more visitors and offers fascinating leisure activities. The most famous annual music festival kept in this city is “Fortress”. This festival, aimed to discover musical talents among the youth, takes places right in the fortress. Knight tournaments and historical theatricalizing of different historical periods are also performed at “Steel Leagues (Stal’naya Liga)” and “Ackerman’s Challenge (Ackerman Vyzov)” festivals. places of interest in Odessa region

Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy is located not far from beloved by everyone Odessa, on Dniester aber. There are more than 290 sunny days per year, which is a really pleasant factor for tourists longing for the sun and rest.

Such famous people as Pushkin, Mitskevych, Lesya Ukrainka, Ovidiy, Princess Olga, prices Igor and Oleg have visited this city. A number of historical films have been shot here, among them “Captain Nemo”, musketeer “20 years afterwards”, “Doomed to become a star”, “Admiral Ushakov”, “Ships attack strongholds”, “Othello”, “Poem of two hearts”, “Knight’s Castle”, “At a heavy cost”.

Everyone, who visited this city, left only good feedbacks and wanted to come back again and again.
Peculiar atmosphere of this city and hospitability of its citizens contribute to this.

Besides the fortress, you should see:
Greek (Ioan-Predtecha) Church of 13th-17th century. An Orthodox Episcopate was founded in Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy in 1347. This led to revival of church life and boiling of sacral building. In 15 century this church served as a residence of Byzantium ekzah of Moldavian Principality.sights  in Odessa region

Alexander’s military barracks of officers’ corps, which is a military, object left by Ukrainian army in 1997. They were built in 1828-1838 by order of Russian Imperator Aleksander the First. White walls of the corps look really impressive, and the area of this complex is 2,6ha.

Armenian church of Assumption of Ever-Virgin Mary of 14-15 centuries, which is a cult building for Armenian Diaspora since the 14th century. This church is really worth seeing as far as its architecture and outer apparel are rather peculiar and unusual.

Also: archaeological excavation of the ancient city of Tyr, Bulgarian Church, Greek Church, Svyatovoznesensky Cathedral, Saint-Nikolai Church, skiff grave, underground church of Ivan Suchavsky, Sarmatian crypt, synagogue and many others. 

The whole city is unforgettable; its history creates its character and enchanting charisma. Touch history, its breath and pulse in one of the most ancient cities in the world which is Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy. You will never regret this journey.

With Love, Your private Expert in tourist’s market – Anga-travel.

Author Horostovska Natalia (Aranrut)

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