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ROUT: Kyiv - Odessa - Kyiv.

Adult - 1550 uah per person.
Child (6-12) - 1160 uah.
Child (2-6) - 775 uah.

Odessa hotel 3*** in the center of city.

Day 1:
Group leaves Kyiv by bus 06.30 a.m.
At 12.00, the approximate arrival in Odessa.
Lunch in the cafe / restaurant Odessa. Accommodation in the hotel 3 ***.
Program: Walking city tour of Odessa: Arab Cultural Center, Odessa State Philharmonic, the hotel "Red", Museum of Western and Oriental Art, Greek square, Transfiguration Cathedral, Central Street. City of Odessa - Deribasovskaya, souvenir market, city park, courtyard opera "Palais Royal" Lanzheronovskaya Descent, archaeological and literary museum, a sculpture garden, Primorsky Boulevard, Monument to Duke, Potemkin Stairs, seaport, colonnade gazebo and Vorontsov palace Toschin bridge and the Shah's palace, the House with the Atlanteans, art cafe "eggnog", Boulevard Zhvanetski, Monument to Orange.
Free time in the city of Odessa.
Free time and walk by the sea. Overnight.

Day 2:
Breakfast in hotel.
09.00 Bus Tour "Criminal Odessa" Introducing "dark" past Odessa. During the tour you will visit the customs, Shevchenko Park (fortification) and quarantine harbor "distemper" ditch the famous district Moldavanka and be sure to pass along the street M'yasoyidivskiy. In all known Moldavanka born Michael Jap recognized head of the Odessa Mafia. Under the name of Benny Creek it is known to all who read "Odessa Stories" Isaac Babel. Odessa-mammy was the scene of legendary thieves and crooks - unmatched
thife Sonka - Golden Hand, head of Makhno Intelligence Service - Leva Zadov, Nyuma Kotov and many other personalities, famous and not so.
LUNCH in the cafe.
14.00 A unique tour "Aristocratic Odessa", it will give you the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of luxury Odessa tell a lot of stories and interesting facts.
- Rooms traps Naryshkin-Potocki Palace will open to you his secret;
- Do you recognize the spirit of Paul, who does not leave the famous Vorontsov Palace;
- Exterier of the Palace of Prince Gagarin,
and Presidential Palace of the Shah of Iran;
- P
alace of Tolstoy.
This Odessa Palace has been preserved almost intact.
The creator of the palace architect Boffo, author of the famous Potemkin stairs, authors of the project known Opera also contributed to the design of one of the rooms of the palace, here you will be able to touch the keys famous grand piano that probably belonged to Franz Liszt.

18.00 Departure to Kiev.
23.30 Approximate arrival in Kiev.
Sightseeing weekend in Odessa will leave a positive memorable experience!

Accommodation in the hotel 3***

Included in the tour

Additional charges
  • Travel by bus route from Kiev.
  • Accommodation at 3 *** - 1 night (2 and 3 bed rooms with all conditions).
  • Nutrition: 3 times (1 breakfast, 2 lunches).
  • Excursions during the tour:
    -  Walking tour of the city of Odessa.
    - Bus Tour "Kreminalnaya Odessa"
    Administrative support.
    Insurance for the trip.
  • Entrance fees
  • Tastings
  • Additional expenses

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