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Askold's Grave has always been one of the most famous historical sites in Kiev. Once it is renowned for prestigious cemetery, which was destroyed during the Soviet era. Today this place is a wonderful park, in which there are many architectural monuments. Askold's Grave is situated on Dnipro slopes, covering the area between Dnipro descent, Mariinsky park and street Mazepa.

Askold's grave, which replaced the former Hungarian Tracts, is connected with the legend of the murder of Prince Askold. Chronicle states that he was buried in this place. Once upon a time there built a church of St. Nicholas by Duchess Olga (Askold took the name Nicholas since he was baptized in 867), but in 971 the church was destroyed by Svyatoslav - Olga's son, who was a supporter of paganism and enemy of Christianity. Later ruined temple was restored by Prince Vladimir. In 1036 he founded a convent here.

Necropolis, which is located in the Askold's Tomb, formed during the late XVIII - early XX century. In 1715 the area around St. Nicholas church was reserved for cemetery - originally a purely monastic, and from 1786 - citywide. 1810 was marked by the fact that there was built a new stone church. That was architect Melensky who supervised project. The church with cemetery were going to demolish the nineteenth century but through the intervention of Nicholas I left her alone. While dumping in this area, however, ceased, but in early 1870 they restored. At the end of the XIX century. frequent landslides slope through the cemetery so it was in disrepair. Over the next 20 years there were numerous engineering.

The cemetery, which was on Askold grave, not inferior to the elitism of Baikov cemetery. For a long time on its territory famous people were buried, constructed numerous art crypts and tombs. During the liberation Cemetery replenished many mass graves. Here are buried Ukrainian boys who died in the battle of Kruty.

Today Askold's grave is often treated as picturesque park, located on the right side of the Dnieper, which long ago became one of Kiev favorite places to walk. St. Nicholas Church at the park continues to operate today, in 2001, it was visited by Pope John Paul II. There Askold's Tomb are also attractions such as Memorial Kruty Heroes memory, monument and chapel of St. Andrew and Memorial, erected in memory of the victims of the Holodomor.

by Ostap Ukrainetz