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Nation's Friendship Arch is the central object of Kreschaty park with statue that was erected in November 1982 in preparation for the celebration of the 1,500 th anniversary of Kyiv on the former site of the Summer stage.

Peoples' Friendship Monument, erected in honor of Reunion of Ukraine and Russia is the main element of the composition. In its creation were involved prominent architects S. Mirgorodsky, K. Kim, I. Ivanov and A. Skoblikova sculptures. Composition spilled from granite, bronze and metal, is a figure of two workers - Ukrainian and Russian, which together raise feed and Order "Friendship of Peoples". Sideways is a stele, stretched horizontally, where a group of people poured with figures Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Basil Buturlin in center. This element of composition was created based on all known events that took place back in 1654 - Pereyaslav Council. All sculptural groups combined arch-rainbow, which had become a symbol of unity of the two brotherly peoples.

In the distant 1982, hardly any of the people who had to cut the ribbon at the opening, have thought that only nine years later the Soviet Union will disappear, leaving behind only memories and misplaced somewhat outdated label made from overhead metal letters "To commemorate the reunification of Ukraine. " Some hotheads felt like to erase it from the face of the earth, using for this hammer and chisel. But because it consisted of some false impression that the monument was opened after the reunification of Ukraine. The situation looked rather absurd, because the figures of Khmelnitsky and Baturlin hinted at somewhat opposite results of Pereyaslav agreement, which is known not for together uniting Ukraine, and vice versa - dividing it into the Right Bank and Left Bank. Later the inscription was restored, but later it was finally removed again. Though traces of it still remain.

Square in front of the monument in its shape resembles an amphitheater. Behind him is a viewing platform from which is easy to observe the magnificent view of the Dnieper and the left bank of the river. Today this place is an excellent option for walking as eye pleasing beautiful green slopes of the Dnieper and a vast blue tract, which is reflected in the fine day clear city skyline. Also, do not forget about the very arch which in form resembles a petrified rainbow. Its majestic appearance suggests the idea of the power and strength of the ancient city, bringing nostalgia for the distant past, despite the fact that the arch was created only in 1982.

by Ostap Ukrainetz

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