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Andrew's descent

Andrew’s descent

Without a doubt - St. Andrew’s descent is not only one of the most interesting and mysterious streets of Kiev, but also could be namedthe soul of the city.

The various architecture that keeps lots of mysteries and legends in its silhouettes and the atmosphere of creativity&freedom prevailing here, it comes from every pebble paved road - all of this is Andrew’s descent.

So why Andrew’s descent is named St. Andrew’s?

The Apostle Andrew, better known as St. Andrew the First-Called (Pervoprizvanny, the first disciple of Christ), followed Jesus till the end of his earthly journey and became a witness of the Resurrectionand the Ascension. In consequence ofit,the gift of healing, prophesy and bear the news of the affairs of Christ on the various dialects of the world descended upon the Apostle. That is why one of the mysterious streets of Kiev is called in honor of him.

Legends say that once in place of the Dnieper River was the sea, and comes here Apostle Andrew erected a cross on a hill, and the water subsided, the water obeyed the will of man. In that place Andrew’s Church raised its dome. The only church in Kiev without a bell. Because, according to legend, the first bell with this dome could awake  water and flood the all left bank.

The Church was designed by of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, the famous Russian architect of Italian origin.

Near St. Andrew’s Church is located monument of Golohvostov and Pronia Prokopovna, the heroes of the story "For EYAD hares”. Kiev newlyweds chose this monument as one of the favorite places for wedding photos and wedding bouquets that appear daily at the memorial.

Near St Andrew’s Church is the foundation of the Tithe Church and Historical Museum. Also there is the oldest linden tree in Kiev, the branches of which are tied handkerchiefs and scraps of fabric - in response to the desires.

During the holidays on Andriyivsky descent present the atmosphere of creativity.  Artists and craftsmen sell their unique works. Many art galleries, salons, shops open the doors for visitors.

Richard Leonhard Castle lifted its Gothic pointed spire in the middle of the descent and courtesy invite  Kiev visitors to feel its legend and rise to the observation deck with a magnificent panorama of the city.

Museumof Mikhail Bulgakov (Memorial House) without doubt is the most famous literary-memorial museum in Kiev. Mikhail Bulgakov was living here since 1906 to 1919., Thanks to this fact a grateful reader have a chance to plunge into the mysterious world of books “Master and Margarita "," Heart of a Dog "," Bela Guard” and many others. During the visit to this museum you will feel at the intersection of two worlds - the real and the bookish, you will be able to live the lifes of the author and character. Perhaps the cat Behemoth light shade slip near your feet, and in the twilight room fancied the Woland smile.

Unambiguously St. Andrew’s Descent has weave of light and dark, truthful and semi-legendary ... So,here is the place for theatre.

Theatre "The Wheel" - the world of art and reincarnation, striking chamber and the mystery of acting, has been opened its doors since 28 of may1988, and continues to delight visitors today.

"Museum of the One Street" is dedicated to the history of course propaganda. Its history is closer to the history of personality that is very memorable business card of the museum. The exhibition presents a lot of memorabilia that some time ago belonged to famous figures that lived on this street. There are a lot of objects, historical documents and stories of homeowners of descent homes.

Andrew’s descent connects the Kiev Upper Town with the bottom - the hem.

Going down along the Andreyevsky descent do not apply to see the fountain "Samson" on the biblical character that is tearing jaws of a lion. Earlier this fountain denotes the center of the market, which is situated on the lap, and everybody knew that "at the Lion – the liver is cheaper". Now the tourists throw coins into the fountain to necessarily go back to Kiev again and again.

Author Horostovska Natalia (Aranrut)


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