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From the series of excursions in Kyiv
"St. Andrew’s Church"


Oddly, but perhaps the most famous calling card of Kyiv - St. Andrew's Church - has almost nothing in common with the original Ukrainian architecture. It is actually a pearlof the city, one of the buildings that you no doubt haveto visit, however complicated story around the  building isweakly linked with Ukraine.

It all started with the fact that the Russian Empress Elizabeth, after visitingKyiv, gave the order to build a new church on the site Khrestovozdvizhenskaya, at the very beginning of Andrew's Descent. According to urban legend, originally the work was entrusted to then court architect, but he, afterstudying thetopography, abandoned the project. Too steep mountainwasandtoounstable earth,seemedlikeno church therecouldstand. But the order of the Empress could not be left disobeyed, so he decided to float this work to his disciple - a young italian Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who wasnot particularly distinguishedyet.

On the way to Kyiv Bartolomeo created rough draft of a new building - he planned to create a  huge artificial basement, which should have heldthe entire top of the mountain, and already at the platform to build a church, but still, it became clear that the plan will fail, because the rocks were very fragile, and would fail to holdmultiton platform. Therefore, the main drawing of the church had nothing to do with the original and amended immediately in the course of construction, the majority of buildings in general was built without blueprints.

After the main part of the building, the decoration of the church has come from Ukrainian and Russian craftsmen - under the direction of Michurin, theinterior of the church belongs to Antropov, Levitsky and other masters of sculpture and painting. Baroque same decoration of the church, designed by Rastrelli performed Chvitka and Shevlytskyy

Actually, the original planbyBartolomeoisreflected in the fact that the church is not on a basement, but onthe kind of house stylobate walls,two floorsofwhich support the wholedesign, and four subsidiary domes at the ends of the church serves as a buttress to reinforce the central part of the church.

Around the churchthereis a balustrade, which offers perhaps the best in view of the Kyiv and Dnipro - thispanoram, especially in spring and summer, attracts thousands of tourists. What is quite important - the churchis active, with 2008 the President of Ukraine, hetransferred ownership to UAOC, which spends worship.

Although Andrew's Church no longer belongs to the complex "Sofia Museum," however, it is undoubtedly one of the greatest monuments of religious architecture in Kyiv, near St. Michael's Cathedral and the Kiev Catholic Church.

by Ostap Ukrayinets'