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TatralandyaTatralandia is not a simple aquapark, it is a true city having the territory of 16ha. Tatralandia is a perfect place for wonderful and gay rest in any season that will be interesting for people of various ages and will be a good option for family holidays with children, for just-married couples, shool trips and corporate events. Absolutely everything in aquapark „Tatraladia“ is designed the way nobody would disturb anybody else and everybody can choose a suitable type of entertainment and rest.


 Aquapark„Tatraladia“ is situated in 2km distance from the city of Liptovsky Mikulas, located in the northwestern part of Slovakia, on the banks on Liptovska Marareservoir. This aquacomplex has rather advantageous location as it is situated between the spurs of the Low and Western Tatras, close to a number of healing thermal springs. Staying here gives a wonderful chance to edmire scent of water and mountains every day. TatralandyaAquapark„Tatraladia“ is one of the biggest aquaparks in Europe. Among neighbouring countries (Czech Republic, Poland) the aquapark in Slovakia is the biggest and the only one with availability of accommodation on its territory. Due to a huge number of suggested attractions and wide range of provided services, Tatralandia is getting more and more interesting and attractive holiday place for people of all ages.

            HEALING MINERAL SPRINGS        

 There are healing mineral springs on the territory of auapark „Tatralandia“, whose water rises from the depth of 2.5km.  Temperature of water in thermal springs reaches 60.7 °. These are remains of the relict sea that used to be here 40mln years ago. Mineral water of thermal springs in aquapark “Tatralandia” has healing properties having healthy influence on the respiratory system and locomotor system.


TatralandyaThough Slovakia is a small country, it is one of a few countries having so many incredible rest areas, namely the High and Low Tatras, a lot of ski resorts and spas, rich heritage of architectural and historical monuments, etc. You can mention such places endlessly. Aquapark “Tatralandia” belongs to the list of “Top rest places”, as rest here is available all year round and there are a lot of possibilities both for active and passive rest and entertainments.


 Aquapark “Tatralandia” has 11 swimming pools filled with water from thermal springs, 3 of them are outdoor and 9 pools works all year round. Water temperature in these pools changes from 24 to 38 °. Temperature of water in the main pool is 32°. It is fully equipped with waterworks and water streams for hydromassage. Fans of more active swimming will love swimming part of the pool, where counter flow is artificially created. Interior of the pool has a special charm due to underwater illumination. There is a kids’ pool nearby whose water has the temperature of +32°. Its design is made in bright and interesting “pirate” style with water gang, the castle, full of suddenness and surprises and decorated with exotic animals and palm trees.

One more part of the aquapark was opened not so long ago. It is called “Tropic Paradise”, and suggests new possibilities for physical and moral recreation of the whole body. Here swimming pools are supplied with clean, sea and thermal water having the temperature of 34-36°, with massage beds, seats and an underwater geyser.Tatralandya

The main peculiarity differing “Tatralandia” from other aquaparks is availability of numerous water slide toboggans, each of them has some interesting surprise or its unique features. Total length of all slides and 28 toboggans in “Tatralandia” is 1.8km. Small visitors of the aquapark will be interested in lots of special kids’ attractions, water slides and so on. Adults are suggested a rich SPA-program, various saunas, sweat baths, baths, massage rooms, massage lounges, water climbing wall, water basketball and volleyball, water teetering boards and many other ac and activities and entertainments that help to restore soul and body.

 Aquapark “Tatralandia” can boast with the longest in Slovakia toboggan called “Anaconda”, having 14m length, the first boat toboggan in Slovakia – “Rollercoaster”, as well as «Free Fall» which is the steepest Slovakian toboggan (free fall distance is 35m). Apart from this, “Tatralandia” provides many other incredibly exciting options of entertaining.


Vital world is a perfect place for rest in aquapark “Tatralandia” that will balance your soul and body and create an impression as if you were reborn. TatralandyaSanatorium «Tatra-Therm-Vital» is a special complex consisting of 16 massage, steam and water baths, saunas and various procedures, where bright contrast between warmth and cold is harmoniously accomplished with pleasant aroma, music and silence. Vital world of “Tatralandia” is a place suggesting all the conditions for strengthening your health and beauty. Natural extracts, modern techniques and catching architecture – all these activate feelings of a holiday-maker and helps to improve his mental and physical well-being, gain new powers and energy.


  1. Mild music waves of tepidarium “Gold Mine” bring to the kingdom of dreams.
  2. In tepidarium«Tuatha» you can have simply wonderful rest and relax without any thought.
  3. “Salt Sauna” works on the basis of salt inhalation. Here, pleasant music and salty fumes healthily influence your well-being.
  4. “Palour of the Sun” is an infra-sauna where you can not only get warmed but also get some “summer” joy in any season.
  5. Water lane “Fire and Ice” is full of surprising influence of warmth and cold.
  6. “Sacrificial Sanctuary” suggests aroma-therapy based on the healing properties of plants.
  7. “Liptov Sauna” is a dry sauna enriched with mineral salts of the Tatry mountains.
  8. “Celtic Sauna” is a samarium with low temperature and air of medium humidity.
  9. “Steam Boiler” is a vapor inhalation saturated with scent of mint, menthol and eucalypt.Tatralandya
  10. “Astral Bath” is enjoying micromassage of small bubbles having jumped into their “whirlpool”.
  11. “Tatra Ice”– falling ice will give you a chance to feel how ice melts on your skin and turns into water.
  12. “Icy Bucket”will suit for those having a wish but lacking courage to jump into an ice pool.
  13. “Ice Jump”is a jump into a cooling pool, or so called kiss of the Snow Queen.
  14. “Lake of the Ancestors” gives you a perfect chance to improve blood circulation in your feet by means of hydromassage.
  15. Massage shower “Storm of Gods” is a refreshing water stream that helps to relax and improve blood supply of skin.
  16. Drinking water “Water of Life” gives a chance to feel taste and power of pure water which have good influence on human body.

«Tatra-Therm-Vital» has also winter sauna center where cooling is performed right outdoors (sweat rooms, Swedish and Finnish saunas).


TatralandyaPleasant atmosphere and peculiar environment in Tatralandia are organized on highest professional level. All these create wonderful chance to combine work with rest, joyful entertainments with relaxation. Specially equipped premises provide all required conditions for holding corporate events, qualification upgrading courses, congresses, etc, wonderful meals, comfortable accommodation conditions ensure maximum comfort and pleasant business atmosphere.

Unique atmosphere of Wild West charms everyone entering the congress-hall “Western City Sikluv Mlyn Tatralandia”, aimed at 400 people.


Every days guests of aquapark “Tatralandia” are suggested lots of new quizzes, animation programs, sightseeing tours to the city of Liptov and other neighboring cities, entertainments, attractions, games and other surprises with prizes and presents.

The most advantageous season for rest in Tatralandia is autumn. The more nights you spend in Tatralandia, the more bonuses you can get, such as free fitness, free saunas, free aquapark, free bike hire and many others.


As to winter rest in aquapark “Tatralandia”, to all the above mentioned services and entertainments, you can add all kinds of winter rest in the best ski resorts of Slovakia, situated at 20km distance from the aquapark.

As soon as ski season is opened, free shuttle bus «Aqua-Ski Bus» runs between ski resort “Jasna” and aquapark “Tatralandia”.Tatralandya


The biggest water-entertainment complex of Slovakia has a unique hotel complex «HOLIDAY VILLAGE TATRALANDIA», providing comfortable accommodation for numerous guests of the aquapark in rooms of various class and level. «HOLIDAY VILLAGE TATRALANDIA» has 155 stylishly designed cottage hoses and apartments, capable to host 700 people. Each of them is equipped with modern furniture, radio, telephone, satellite television, furnished kitchen with refrigerator, WC, and summer terrace.


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