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There is another popular entertainment center for children and adults situated at the distance of 30 km from Odessa. We mean aquapark “Poseidon” in the village of Chernomorskoye (Chabanka), at the address: 54, Hvargeyskaya st.Aquapark Poseidon in Chernomorskoe

 Aquapark “Poseidon” is one biggest roofed aquaparks on the territory of Eastern Europe, and one of a few entertainment centers of the kind in Ukraine. This aquapark is a huge four-storey building made of concrete and glass that contains 3 swimming-pools (1 for adults and 2 for children), 10   water rides (4 for kids and 6 for adults), geysers and hydro massages, massaging fountains. The building is 16.5m high. Aquapark “Poseidon” is capable to accept about 500 visitors at a time. Apart from swimming-pools and rides, on the territory of this aquapark you will find 2 cafes, a fitness-bar, a concert venue, 4 individual solariums and administrative buildings.

Main Characteristics of Aquapark “Poseidon”:Aquapark Poseidon in Chernomorskoe

  • water temperature in pools for kids +28-29 °,
  • water temperature in pools for adults +26-27 °,
  • air humidity – not higher than 65%,
  • air temperature +28-31 °,
  • total area of all swimming-pools in the aqua park – 450 sq.m,
  • depth of the pool for the smallest children “Baby” – 40cm,
  • depth of the second kids’ swimming-pool – 1m,
  • depth of the pool for adults – 1.4m.

Purity of fresh water in swimming-pools is ensured by modern systems of cleaning by means of chlorine treatment.

Aquapark Poseidon in ChernomorskoeMost popular with visitors are such water rides as “Kamikaze”, “Waterfalls”, “Hydro massage Wall”, “Space Cylinder”, “Big Serpentine”, and “Underwater Geysers”. Children prefer small rides of “Multiplast” and “Serpentine”, as well as near waterfalls “Sprayer” and “Mushroom Big”.

It is especially gay and interesting to spend time in aquapark “Poseidon” in the evening, when lighting of water and projectors are on. A part of the main swimming-pool is covered with a stage like a back of a sea wave; there is enough room there for an entire symphony orchestra. The stage is equipped with modern light and sound equipment.

Aquapark “Poseidon” heartily welcomes its visitors all year round. In summer it operates every day, in autumn, winter and spring – on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10a.m. to 7p.m. During the period from January, 10 till the beginning of April aquapark “Poseidon” is closed for maintenance.  

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