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Tour "Golden Ring of Ternopil region"

Two-days tour cost 90$ (2 days)

cvnLviv - Pochaev - Onyshkivtsi - Bilokrynytsia - Kremenets - Vyshnivets - Ternopil - Skalad - Zboriv - Lviv

You do not have to go to France or Czechia to see the fabulous medieval castles - castles, travel Ternopil, Lviv and Transcarpathia and comfort for real knights and princesses!

Weekend plan of tour to the Carpathians and Transcarpathian

Day 1: Arriving to the Lviv (8:00) - Pochayiv (lunch) - Onyshkivtsi - Bilokrynytsia - Kremenets (settlement in the hotel at 20:30).

Day 2: Breakfast and tour to the Kremenets - Vyshnivets - Zbarazh - Ternopil (lunch) - Skalat - Zboriv - Lviv (22:30 return).


  • Powder Tower (crossing Lysenko and Vinnichenko). Group meets at 7:45. Departure at 8:00 am


  • Assumption Cathedral (1771-1783)

Known throughout the Orthodox world Pochaevskaya Dormition Monastery towering over Kremenets mountains, and already attracts tens of kilometers. Perfection impressive Baroque forms Assumption Cathedral (1771-1783r.). Holy Trinity Cathedral (1906, 1912) and 64-meter bell tower (1861-1871r.) And which are toll weighing 11.5 tons.


  • Source of St. Anne

Source of St. Anne, which is located in the village - a place of pilgrimage for Christians spiritual and physical healing. The water temperature in spring is always a constant - 9 degrees. It is believed that when logged into the water pool three times, you can improve your health from serious ailments.


  • Palace Chosnovskyh-Voronin (XIX century)

This magnificent palace is preserved Chosnovskyh-Voronin (XIX century). In the Anglo-Gothic style.


One of the most beautiful cities of Ukraine prepared for you many natural and historical attractions. A city dominated by Castle Hill (397m), with picturesque ruins of the castle, with its magnificent panorama of the city, situated on the picturesque mountains.

Attract the attention of majestic buildings Jesuit College (1731-1753r.), so Kremenets deservedly considered "Volynsky Athens". Enchant tourists Nicholas Church (XVI century.) Epiphany Monastery, Nicholas church (XIX century), botanical garden, twin homes (XVII-XVIII centuries).


Family Vishnevetskih, from which comes the legends founder of the Zaporizhzhya Sich Dmytro Vishnevetsky (Baida). The city survived, rebuilt the fortress, palace Vishnevetskih (1720) in classicist style. Nearby is the Castle Church of the Resurrection cross, built by Hetman Dmytro Vyshnevetsky in 1530. Where the engagement took place Lzhedmytriya and Marina Mniszek.


  • Vishnevetskih Palace(1620-1631)

The city that played an important role in the liberation war of Ukrainian people led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Witnesses of that time, was a Renaissance palace Vishnevetskih (1620-1631) that once was surrounded 13-meter shaft with bastions and casemates. Interesting is also the grand Baroque church of St. Antony (1627) Bernardine monastery.


Antique Galician city tourists attractions sacred building: Church of the Exaltation of defense (XVII cent.) Church of the Resurrection cross (1602) and the Cathedral of the Immaculate, Conception of Blessed Virgin Mary (former Town Hall) (1749). To this day also preserved Ternopil Castle (XVI cent.), that you can see, when you will sail boat on the Ternopila pond.

For connoisseurs of Ukrainian cuisine hospitality can invite the ethnographic museum "Old Mill", which is one of business cards Ternopila.


  • Castle (1630)

The city survived four towers Skalatskoho Castle (1630), St. Anne’s Church (XVIII century.) Church of the Transfiguration of Christ (1872) and the hospital building (XIX century).


City which was signed in 1649 Zborowski peace between the Polish King Jan II Casimir and Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Since that time it preserved the church of the Transfiguration (1749r.) church of All Martyrs Ukrainian (1755r.) and Cossack Tombs.


Hotel and restaurant complex "Kremin" in 20 minutes from Pochayev.
Address: Ternopil, Kremenets, str. Kremenets 107 th Division, 32

  • Standard. One-room or  double rooms, equipped with 2-4 beds for 1 person, sofa for 2 persons, TV, shower;
  • Luxе. One-room (hallway bedroom), equipped with double bed, sofa for 2 persons, TV, refrigerator, shower.

The tour included:

  • Euroclass comfortable bus travel,
  • Support guide,
  • Excursions to museums,
  • Travel insurance,
  • Accommodation in rooms with amenities.

The tour not included:

  • Enter to museums: the Museum of Kremenets, palace in Vyshnivtsi and castle in Zbarazh (20 UAN for adults and 10 UAN for children);
  • Food.