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Tours to Bukovel on weekends from Kyiv


                                 The word "extreme" means not only "outermost" but also an "extraordinary" or "special". People who like extreme sports usually balance on the edge of their possibilities and sometimes strive to cross this edge. The things extremal for others become common and normal for these guys. Exclusiveness and noble risk is their motto. Adrenaline is their air.

            why choose Tours to Bukovel, from KievWhen you choose extreme you pick out really tense and complicated way but an extraordinary joy of life and special gladness really worth it. So if you're already familiar with the world of extreme sports and with mountain ski or snowboard in particular you probably are preparing to the mountains right now, or have just returned from there. If you're weighing this idea for now I would add this is one of those things that are worth trying. And the person who had decided to try it has tofind out where to try? TheanswerisinBukovel. Andbelowthereare 5 reasonstogothere. So...

            1. The ski resort number one in Ukraine. It means this is the most comfortable place for skiing and snowboarding. A large number of ski trails of various levels, modern ski lifts and the best infrastructure in the country: ski rent, instructors, cafes, restaurants, and much more stuff at different tastes. And remark, all this stuff is of the international level.

            2. Thanks to the infrastructure the range of "non-ski" entertainments in Bukovel is truly impressive. So, for instance, if you tired to conquer the peaks in the classical manner and decided to try something new and funny, for your attention is tubing, zorbing, snowbike, snowmobiles and ATVs, dogsleds, ice skating rink. The list is not complete, but it's already clear that Buka is the most diverse and cheerful ski resort.

Tours to Bukovel on weekends from Kyiv         Tours to Bukovel on weekends from Kyiv

            3. The location of Bukovel is really convenient. There are lots of settlements close by with different sights.

Tours to Bukovel on weekends from Kyiv               You can visit a private brewery with unique brewing technology in Mikulychine. They say this village is the most extended in Ukraine. It is stretched along the road to a dozen kilometers. Not a small length as for the village. Also there is a waterfall "Guk" and datcha of expresident Yushchenko not far from Mikulychine.

            There is a cascade waterfall in Yaremche. Besides you can find museums, souvenir markets and authentic restaurants on website - www.museum.if.ua/museums/r16/
By the way restaurant Hutsulshchyna constructed of wood without any nail considered to be a local architectural monument. So, the vacation in Bukovel can be much more interesting and informative. Tour to Bukovel in Ukraine on weekend from Kyiv

            4. And yes, extreme is really good, but in addition you have an opportunity to enjoy the irresistible and fascinating beauty of Carpathian Mountains. The landscapes around resort are extraordinary wonderful themselves, but this entire splendor together with fragrant mulled wine in good company is ineffable delight indeed! You can admire the highest peak of Carpathians Goverla (2061 m) from the top of Dovga Mountain (1372 m) in Bukovel. And you'd see that ski resort Bukovel is fabulously beautiful place.

            5. Do you think that's it? Here is another argument for Bukovel:natural reserve Gorgany. It includes the territory of the ski resort. The word gorgany means rock slides. As for the natural reserve, it has curative properties on edition to its nature protection functions. That's why Bukovel is also a healthy place.

            Of course Bukovel has its own disadvantages as well as the advantages. It's the high accommodation price on ski resort. But there is an easy way out: to live next to the resort. And if you solve the problem of transfer and meals you'd have a good financial decision. It's exactly the version Anga Travel Company offers to customers: cozy hotel close to Bukovel, daily transfers to the resort, meals, attentive guide and a unforgettable impressions!

            See you at the Bukovel!

Author Alexander Pylypchuk

Tour to Bukovel in Ukraine, from Kyiv Tour to Bukovel on weekend from Kyiv in Ukraine Tour to Bukovel on weekend from Kyiv in Ukraine

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Tour to Bukovel on weekend from Kyiv in Ukraine

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